1st Edition

Lives of Shakespearian Actors, Part III, Volume 3 Charles Kean, Samuel Phelps and William Charles Macready by their Contemporaries

    Features actors who were significant in their development of new and innovative ways of performing Shakespeare. This title contains extracts from diaries, memoirs, private letters, and obituaries that present a contemporary account of their acting achievements and personal lives.

    LIVES OF SHAKESPEARIAN ACTORS III VOLUME 3: WILLIAM CHARLES MACREADY Introduction, Macready’s Early Years Macready’s Reminiscences and Selections fr om his Diaries and Letters, ed. F. Pollock (1876), excerpts ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Aris’s Birmingham Gazette (11 June 1810) ‘Hamlet’, Newcastle Advertiser (13 April 1813) ‘Henry IV Part 1’, Tyne Mercury (26 January 1813) ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Bath Chronicle (5 January 1815) J. Genest, Some Account of the English Stage (1832), excerpt The Young Contender as Richard III Macready’s Reminiscences and Selections fr om his Diaries and Letters, excerpts ‘Richard III’, Theatrical Inquisitor (1819) A Critical Examination of the Respective Performances of Mr. Kean and Mr. Macready (1819), excerpts F. D. C., ‘Macready and Kean’, Theatrical Inquisitor (1829) 5Establishing a Reputation W. Hazlitt, ‘Othello’, Examiner (1816) L. Hunt, ‘Coriolanus’, Examiner (1819) ‘Macbeth’, Theatrical Inquisitor (1820) ‘Mr. Macready’, The Drama; or, Theatrical Pocket Magazine (1823) ‘Actors of the Present Day No. 5 Mr. Macready’, Theatrical Inquisitor (1828) L. Hunt, ‘Macready as Hamlet’ (1894) Prince Puckler-Muskau, Tour in England, Ireland and France (1833),excerpt ‘Kean and Macready in Othello’, Th e Times (1832) ‘Kean and Macready’, in Othello, Examiner A. Bunn, Th e Stage Both Before and Behind the Curtain (1840), excerpt Management at the Patent Theatres Report from the Select Committee on Dramatic Literature with the Minutes of the Evidence (1831–2) J. R. Anderson, An Actor’s Life (1902), excerpt Macready’s Reminiscences, and Selections from His Diaries and Letters, excerpt King Lear, Macready’s acting edition, in Lacy’s Acting Editions of Plays (1851) J. Forster, ‘King Lear’, Examiner (4 February 1838) Covent Garden Theatre, Theatrical Observer: and Daily Bills of the Play (1838) Athenaeum (1842), excerpt Athenaeum (1843), excerpt J. Coleman, Plays and Playwrights I Have Known (1888), excerpt ‘The Royal Visit and Closing of Drury Lane’, Theatrical Journal (1843) Macready’s Reminiscences and Selections fr om His Diaries and Letters, Acting with Macready H. Faucit, On Some of Shakespeare’s Female Characters (1891), excerpt C. Cushman, ‘William Charles Macready’, Anglo-American (1844) L. Barrett, Charlotte Cushman A Lecture (1889) L. Drew, Autobiographical Sketch of Mrs John Drew (1899), excerpts G. Vandenhoff , Leaves fr om An Actor’s Notebook (1860), excerpt F. A. Kemble, Records of Later Life (1882), excerpt S. and M. Bancroft , Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft On and Off the Stage, excerpt America Macready’s Reminiscences and Selections fr om his Diaries and Letters, ed. F. Pollock (1876), excerpt ‘Macready as Macbeth’, New York Mirror (1826) ‘Macready as Hamlet’, New York Mirror (1826) ‘Macready and Forrest’, Boston Lyceum (1827) The Diaries of William Charles Macready 1833–1851, ed. W. Toynbee (1912) ‘Mr. Macready’s Macbeth’, Spirit of the Times (1843) ‘Mr. Macready’, Knickerbocker (1843), excerpt John Coleman, Players and Playwrights I Have Known (1888) Letters to the Editor, Th e Times (1845) ‘Life in Town. Howard Athenaeum’, Boston Daily Mail (1848) ‘The Macready Dinner at New Orleans’, Spirit of the Times; A Chronicle of the Turf, Agriculture, Field Sports (7 April 1849) ‘Mr. Macready in America’, Theatrical Observer (1849) L. Wallack, Memories of Fifty Years with an Introduction by Laurence Hutton (1889), excerpt The Diaries of William Charles Macready 1833–1851, ed. W. Toynbee (1912), excerpt Paris Macready’s Reminiscences and Selections from his Diaries and Letters, ed. F. Pollock (1876), excerpt N. P. Chaulin, Biographie dramatiqus des principaux artistes Anglais venus à Paris, p?ecédée de Souvenirs historique du théâtre anglaise à Paris en 1827 et 1828 (1828), excerpt T. Gautier, Histoire de l’art dramatique en France depuis vingt-cinq ans (1859) excerpt G. de Nerval, ‘Les Acteurs Anglais’, L’Artiste (1844), excerpt The Times (1844–5), excerpts Retirement and Retrospective ‘Mr. Macready at the Marylebone’, Theatrical Times (1848) ‘Macready as an Actor’, Theatrical Times (1848) ‘Farewell Dinner to W. C. Macready esq.’ Era (1851) A. L. Tennyson, ‘To W. C. Macready’, Complete Works, excerpt W. C. Macready, Address delivered to the Sherborne Literary Institution 12 May 1852 (1852) ‘The Funeral of Macready’, Era (1873) G. H. Lewes, On Actors and the Art of Acting, excerpt W. Archer, William Charles Macready (1890), excerpt ‘Literature’, Athenaeum (1875) Editorial Notes


    Series Editor: Gail Marshall, Consulting Editor: Tetsuo Kishi, Volume Editors: Robert Sawyer (Charles Kean), Julia Swindells & David Francis Taylor (Samuel Phelps), Richard Foulkes (William Charles Macready)