1st Edition

Lives of Victorian Literary Figures, Part V, Volume 2 Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Wilkie Collins and William Thackeray by their contemporaries

    342 Pages
    by Routledge

    Considers the reputations and biographical portrayal of three innovative and controversial writers: Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Wilkie Collins and William Thackeray. These anthologies of contemporary biographical material shed light on the processes at work in the establishment of a public image and a critical reputation.

    Introduction 1. [George Makepeace Towle], ‘Wilkie Collins’, Appleton’s Journal 2. James Payn, Some Literary Recollections 3. Personal Recollections of Wilkie Collins a) Wilkie Collins, ‘Reminiscences of a Story-teller’, Universal Review b) Anon., ‘A Novelist on Novel-writing: An Interview with Mr. Wilkie Collins’, Cassell’s Saturday Journal 4. [Meredith White Townsend], ‘Wilkie Collins’, Spectator 5. Hall Caine, ‘Wilkie Collins. Personal Recollections’, Globe 6. Algernon Charles Swinburne, ‘Wilkie Collins’, Fortnightly Review 7. Andrew Lang, ‘Mr. Wilkie Collins’s Novels’, Contemporary Review 8. Edmund Yates and the World a) [Bernard H. Becker], ‘Celebrities At Home. No. LXXI. Mr. Wilkie Collins in Gloucester-Place’, World b) Edmund Yates, ‘Moi-Meme. In Memoriam W. W. C., Obiit September 23rd. 1889’, World c) [Ethelind (Linda) Gardiner], ‘T e Novels of Wilkie Collins’, Temple Bar 9. Horatio Noble Pym, A Tour Round My Bookshelves 10. Harry Quilter, Preferences in Art, Life, and Literature 11. [Nathaniel Beard], ‘Some Recollections of Yesterday’, Temple Bar 12. Mary Anderson, A Few Memories 13. William Tinsley and Edmund Downey a) William Tinsley, Random Recollections b) Edmund Downey, Twenty Years Ago 14. Arthur Waugh, ‘Wilkie Collins: and his Mantle. A Personal Predilection’, Academy and Literature 15. Lewis Melville, Victorian Novelists 16. Wybert Reeve, ‘Recollections of Wilkie Collins’, Chambers’s Journal 2017. William Winter, Old Friends 18. Marie and Squire Bancroft, The Bancrofts: Recollections of Sixty Years 19. Arthur Compton-Rickett, ‘Wilkie Collins’, Bookman 20. Frank Archer, An Actor’s Notebooks 21. Lucy Bethia Walford, Memories of Victorian London


    Volume Editors: Andrew Maunder (Mary Elizabeth Braddon), William Baker & Andrew Gasson (Wilkie Collins), Judith L. Fisher (William Thackeray), Series Editor Ralph Pite.