1st Edition

Lives of Victorian Literary Figures, Part VII, Volume 2 Joseph Conrad, Henry Rider Haggard and Rudyard Kipling by their Contemporaries

    This book looks at Rider Haggard from a different standpoint, his own. It carries a selection of critical appraisals of Haggard's work by his contemporaries up until the early 1950s.

    1. Lilias Haggard 2. Ella Haggard 3. Sir Theophilus Shepstone 4. Sir John Kotzé 5. Douglas Blackburn 6. Olive Schreiner 7. Early Success 8. Parodies: King Solomon’s Mines and She 9. The Plagiarism Debate 10. American Reviewers 11. Robert Louis Stevenson 12. Andrew Lang 13. Rudyard Kipling 14. Thomas Hardy 15. W. B. Yeats (plus plays and adaptations) 16. W. Bramwell Booth 17. Theodore Roosevelt 18. Robert Baden-Powell 19. Ida Hector, Secretary 20. Public Life 21. Dominions Royal Commission 22. Royal Colonial Institute: Post War Land Settlement 1915–6 23. Obituaries and Condolences 24. Critical Appreciation 25. Images of Haggard


    Series Editor: Ralph Pite. Volume Editors: Keith Carabine, Lindy Stiebel, Tom Hubbard.