1st Edition

Lives of Victorian Literary Figures, Part VII, Volume 3 Joseph Conrad, Henry Rider Haggard and Rudyard Kipling by their Contemporaries

    This book is a collection of biographical records portraying the life of Rudyard Kipling, drawn from official biographies, memoirs, testimonies, letters, diaries, conversations, anecdotes, essays, and reviews.

    1. Early Responses 2. Peer Reviews: Barrie, James and Gosse on Kipling 3. Kipling and the French 4. A Study and a Sketch 5. Th e Verse and the Stories 6. A Parody 7. Willa Cather 8. Joel Chandler Harris 9. A Testimonial from a Former Employer 10. Kipling and Technical Knowledge 11. From California and the Cape 12. Various European and American Perspectives 13. Kipling and Zangwill 14. Kipling and Omar Khayyám 15. Kipling in South Africa 16. Kim 17. William Archer on the Verse 18. ‘I Know a Trick Worth Two of That’ 19. The Political Kipling 20. Arnold Bennett on Actions and Reactions 21. ‘A. E.’ on Kipling and Ulster 22. Swinging Nervous English 23. Kipling as a Figure of the Nineties 24. The ‘English’ Kipling – 1: The New York Times on A Diversity of Creatures 25. Irish and Irish-American Accounts 26. ‘A Keen Cosmopolitan’ 27. The ‘English’ Kipling – 2; the Last Books 28. Kipling on Conrad


    Series Editor: Ralph Pite. Volume Editors: Keith Carabine, Lindy Stiebel, Tom Hubbard.