1st Edition

Lives of Victorian Political Figures, Part I, Volume 3 Palmerston, Disraeli and Gladstone by their Contemporaries

    Aims to bring alive, through the eyes of their contemporaries, three of the greatest political figures of the Victorian era - Henry, third Viscount Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli and William Gladstone. This four-volume set draws together various documents including journals and diaries, pamphlets, correspondence, and other ephemeral literature.

    Benjamin Disraeli (Part II) 1 V. The Last Election, 1879–80 [Anon.], Squire Bull, and His Bailiff, Benjamin Arthur C. Yates and Arthur G. Symonds, Lord Beaconsfield Interviewed [Anon.], ‘Lord Beaconsfield. I. – Why we follow him. II – Why we disbelieve in him.’ John Phillips Stafford, The Battle of the Genii Francis Bickerstaffe-Drew, How Ben Behaved Himself Frederick Arthur Hyndman, The National or Factional Party: Which Shall Win? VI. Death and Legacy, 1881– 91 Joseph Kidd, ‘The Last Illness of Lord Beaconsfield’ J.M. Milner, In Memoriam. The Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli Charles Dunlop, Beaconsfield Brilliants James Bryce, ‘Lord Beaconsfield’ James Foster Turner Wiseman, This is the Tree That Ben Raised Lord Randolph Churchill, ‘Elijah’s Mantle; April 19th, 1883’ William Ewart Gladstone (Part I) Acknowledgements I. Early Life, to c.1859–60; John McGilchrist, The Life of William Ewart Gladstone James Brinsley-Richards, ‘Mr Gladstone’s Oxford Days’ James Brinsley-Richards, ‘Mr Gladstone’s Early Politics’ Frederick Maurice, Thoughts on the Duty of a Protestant in the Present Oxford Election II. First Ministry, 1868–74 Edward Harper, Mr Gladstone Answered: the Inconsistencies, Absurdities, and Contradictions in Mr Gladstone’s Public Career F.A., ‘William Ewart Gladstone: A Study of Character’ A Templar, The Gladstone Government, Being Cabinet Pictures