1st Edition

Lives of the Great Romantics, Part I, Volume 3 Shelley, Byron and Wordsworth by Their Contemporaries

By John Mullan, Chris Hart, Peter Swaab Copyright 1996

    The memoirs in this collection are written by those who had personal knowledge of Shelley, Byron and Wordsworth, or who claimed to be recording the accounts of those who had such knowledge. Each volume in this set contains facsimilies of the original memoirs.

    Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Bibliography -- Chronology -- Copy Texts -- 1. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, Biographia Literaria -- 2. Wilson, John (‘Phillip Kempferhausen’), ‘Letters from the Lakes’ -- 3. Hazlitt, William, 4My First Acquaintance with Poets’ -- 4. Hazlitt, William, The Spirit of the Age -- 5. Anon., Galignani Edition, ‘Memoir of William Wordsworth Esq.’ -- 6. T.Q.M., ‘Notes on a Tour from Skipton to Keswick’ -- 7. Dewey, Orville, The Old World and the New -- 8. Chorley, Henry F., Memorials of Mrs Hemans -- 9. Cottle, Joseph, Early Recollections -- 10. Dc Quincey, Thomas, ‘Lake Reminiscences from 1807 to 1830’ -- 11. De Quincey, Thomas, ‘Sketches of Life and Manners’ -- 12. Field, Barron, Memoirs of the Life and Poetry of William Wordsworth -- 13. Hunt, James Henry Leigh, TheAutobiography of Leigh Hunt -- 14. Glues, Robert Pearse, Memoirs of a Literary Veteran -- 15. Wordsworth, Christopher, Memoirs of William Wordsworth -- 16. Phillips, George Searle (January Searle’), Memoirs of William Wordsworth -- 17. Haydon, Benjamin Robert, Life, from his Autobiography and Journals -- 18. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, English Traits -- 19. Hood, Edwin Paxton, William Wordsworth; A Biography -- 20. Moore, Thomas, Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence -- 21. Davy, John, The Angler in the Lake District -- 22. Trelawny, Edward, Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron -- 23. Grattan, Thomas Colley, Beaten Paths; and Those Who Trod Them -- 24. Jerdan, William, Men I Have Known -- 25. Graves, Robert Perceval, ‘Recollections of Wordsworth and the Lake Country’ -- 26. Robinson, Henry Crabb, Diary, Reminiscences and Correspondence -- 27. Young, Julian Charles, A Memoir of Charles Mayne Young -- 28. Cooper, Thomas, The Life of Thomas Coop er. Written by Himself -- 29. Coleridge, Sara, Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge -- 30. Fletcher, Eliza, Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher -- 31. Martineau, Harriet, Autobiography -- 32. Pattison, Samuel Rowles (ed.), The Brothers Wiffen -- 33. Carlyle, Thomas, Reminiscences -- 34. Fox, Caroline, Memories of Old Friends -- 35. Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond, ‘Reminiscences of Wordsworth among the Peasantry of Westmoreland’ -- 36. Watts, Alaric Alfred, Alaric Watts. A Narrative of His Life -- 37. Taylor, Henry, Autobiography of Henry Taylor 1800—1875 -- 38. De Vere, Aubrey, Essays, Chiefly on Poetry -- 39. Yarnall, Ellis, Wordsworth and the Coleridges.


    Peter Swaab,