1st Edition

Living "Difference" Lesbian Perspectives on Work and Family Life

By Gillian A Dunne Copyright 1998
    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    112 Pages
    by Routledge

    Living “Difference”: Lesbian Perspectives on Work and Family Life examines the roles of lesbians in the home, in the workplace, and as parents. Discussing the advantages of female same-sex relationships, this book suggests that these partnerships are able to facilitate more egalitarian ideals for women than heterosexual relationships. This book will help academics, counselors, and women in same-sex relationships understand the positive aspects of lesbian parenting and the advantages lesbians experience in these households. Without focusing on lesbians as victims or neglecting their differences from other women, Living “Difference” will help you realize that ‘living different’can be an empowering experience.

    Living “Difference” brings together current theoretical and empirical research on lesbian experiences of work and family life and explores the myths and realities of these women. From this book, you will learn about a recent study in Eastern and Western Europe that revealed several advantages for children with lesbian parents, such as an awareness of prejudice against homosexuality and increased moral development. Providing you with case studies of lesbian parents and their children, Living “Difference” offers you insight into the positive and controversial aspects of this family arrangement, including:

    • British tabloid articles that denounce lesbian parenting and discussions of the actual reason for hostility against this type of family
    • the fears, joys, and legal problems that lesbian couples in Europe face when raising children
    • studies that indicate co-mothers take a more active role in the life of their children than do fathers
    • how gender usually determines the division of housework and the differences between lesbian and heterosexual households
    • how society, faculty, and students discriminate against lesbian teachers and how these teachers try to keep their private lives secret for fear of losing their jobs

      Offering theories that heterosexual households often confine women to gendered roles, this book will help you understand the positive aspects of ‘living different’despite societal prejudices. Focusing on the impact gender and sexuality have on societal roles, Living “Difference” seeks to change the practice of treating lesbianism as the ‘other’facet of feminism and will prove to you the positive differences of lesbian families.

    Contents Introduction: Add Sexuality and Stir: Toward a Broader Understanding of the Gender Dynamics of Work and Family Life
    • Making a Mockery of Family Life?: Lesbian Mothers in the British Media
    • Getting Kids and Keeping Them: Lesbian Motherhood in Europe
    • Raising Children in an Age of Diversity--Advantages of Having a Lesbian Mother
    • The Role of Co-Mothers in Planned Lesbian-Led Families
    •  Reclaiming the ‘Housewife’?: Lesbians and Household Work
    • Working Out: Lesbian Teachers and the Politics of (Dis)location
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Gillian A Dunne