1st Edition

Living Shorelines
The Science and Management of Nature-Based Coastal Protection

ISBN 9781315151465
Published March 3, 2017 by CRC Press
499 Pages - 12 Color & 149 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-based Coastal Protection compiles, synthesizes and interprets the current state of the knowledge on the science and practice of nature-based shoreline protection. This book will serve as a valuable reference to guide scientists, students, managers, planners, regulators, environmental and engineering consultants, and others engaged in the design and implementation of living shorelines. This volume provides a background and history of living shorelines, understandings on management, policy, and project designs, technical synthesis of the science related to living shorelines including insights from new studies, and the identification of research needs, lessons learned, and perspectives on future guidance.

  • Makes recommendations on the correct usage of the term living shorelines
  • Offers guidance for shoreline management in the future
  • Includes lessons learned from the practice of shoreline restoration/conservation
  • Synthesizes regional perspectives to identify strategies for the successful design and implementation of living shorelines
  • Reviews specific design criteria for successful implementation of living shorelines
  • Provides detailed discussions of social, regulatory, scientific and technical considerations to justify and design living shoreline projects
  • International perspectives are presented from leading researchers and managers in the East, West and Gulf coasts of the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia that are working on natural approaches to shoreline management. The broad geographic scope and interdisciplinary nature of contributing authors will help to facilitate dialogue and transfer knowledge among different disciplines and across different regions. This book provides coastal communities with the scientific foundation and practical guidance necessary to implement effective shoreline management that enhances ecosystem services and coastal resilience now and into the future.

    Table of Contents


    List of Contributors

    Part I


    Chapter 1

    A Primer to Living Shorelines

    Donna Marie Bilkovic, Molly M. Mitchell, Jason D. Toft, and Megan K. La Peyre

    Chapter 2

    Living Shorelines for People and Nature

    Katie K. Arkema, Steven B. Scyphers, and Christine Shepard

    Part II

    Management, Policy, Design

    Chapter 3

    Permitting a Living Shoreline: A Look at the Legal Framework Governing Living Shoreline

    Projects at the Federal, State, and Local Level

    Niki L. Pace

    Chapter 4

    Socioeconomic and Policy Considerations of Living Shorelines—US Context

    Kateryna M. Wowk and David Yoskowitz

    Chapter 5

    An Overview of the Living Shorelines Initiative in New York and New Jersey

    Andrew Rella, Jon Miller, and Emilie Hauser

    Chapter 6

    Overcoming Barriers to Living Shoreline Use and Success: Lessons from Southeastern

    Virginia’s Coastal Plain

    Kevin R. Du Bois

    Chapter 7

    Green Shores: Using Voluntary Ratings and Certification Programs to Guide Sustainable

    Shoreline Development

    Brian Emmett, D.G. Blair, and Nicole Faghin

    Chapter 8

    Building with Nature as Coastal Protection Strategy in the Netherlands

    Bas W. Borsje, Sierd de Vries, Stephanie K.H. Janssen, Arjen P. Luijendijk,

    and Vincent Vuik

    Chapter 9

    Managed Realignment in Europe: A Synthesis of Methods, Achievements, and Challenges

    Luciana S. Esteves and Jon J. Williams

    Part III

    Synthesis of Living Shoreline Science: Physical Aspects

    Chapter 10

    Practical Living Shorelines: Tailored to Fit in Chesapeake Bay

    Walter I. Priest III

    Chapter 11

    Response of Salt Marshes to Wave Energy Provides Guidance for Successful Living Shoreline Implementation

    Carolyn A. Currin, Jenny Davis, and Amit Malhotra

    Chapter 12

    Lessons Learned from Living Shoreline Stabilization in Popular Tourist Areas: Boat Wakes, Volunteer Support, and Protecting Historic Structures

    Linda Walters, Melinda Donnelly, Paul Sacks, and Donna Campbell

    Chapter 13

    Growing Living Shorelines and Ecological Services via Coastal Bioengineering

    Steven G. Hall, Robert Beine, Matthew Campbell, Tyler Ortego, and Jon D. Risinger

    Chapter 14

    Evaluation of Living Shoreline Marshes as a Tool for Reducing Nitrogen Pollution in Coastal Systems

    Aaron J. Beck, Randy M. Chambers, Molly M. Mitchell, and Donna Marie Bilkovic

    Part IV

    Synthesis of Living Shoreline Science: Biological Aspects

    Chapter 15

    Designing Living Shoreline Salt Marsh Ecosystems to Promote Coastal Resilience

    Donna Marie Bilkovic and Molly M. Mitchell

    Chapter 16

    Ecological Performance of Hudson River Shore Zones: What We Know and What We Need to Know

    David L. Strayer and Stuart E.G. Findlay

    Chapter 17

    San Francisco Bay Living Shorelines: Restoring Eelgrass and Olympia Oysters for Habitat and Shore Protection

    Katharyn Boyer, Chela Zabin, Susan De La Cruz, Edwin Grosholz, Michelle Orr, Jeremy Lowe, Marilyn Latta, Jen Miller, Stephanie Kiriakopolos, Cassie Pinnell, Damien Kunz, Julien Moderan, Kevin Stockmann, Geana Ayala, Robert Abbott, and Rena Obernolte

    Chapter 18

    Comparison of Oyster Populations, Shoreline Protection Service, and Site Characteristics at Seven Created Fringing Reefs in Louisiana: Key Parameters and Responses to Consider

    Megan K. La Peyre, Lindsay Schwarting Miller, Shea Miller, and Earl Melancon

    Chapter 19

    Species Richness and Functional Feeding Group Patterns in Small, Patchy, Natural and Constructed Intertidal Fringe Oyster Reefs

    Mark S. Peterson, Kevin S. Dillon, and Christopher A. May

    Chapter 20

    Ecosystem Services Provided by Shoreline Reefs in the Gulf of Mexico: An Experimental Assessment Using Live Oysters

    Kenneth L. Heck, Jr., Just Cebrian, Sean P. Powers, Nate Geraldi, Rochelle Plutchak, Dorothy Byron, and Kelly Major

    Chapter 21

    Benches, Beaches, and Bumps: How Habitat Monitoring and Experimental Science Can Inform Urban Seawall Design

    Jeffery R. Cordell, Jason D. Toft, Stuart H. Munsch, and Maureen Goff

    Chapter 22

    The Ecological Impacts of Reengineering Artificial Shorelines: The State of the Science

    Mark Anthony Browne and M.G. Chapman

    Part V

    Summary and Future Guidance

    Chapter 23

    Gaps in Knowledge: Information We Still Need to Know about Living Shoreline Erosion Control

    Jana Davis

    Chapter 24

    A Synthesis of Living Shoreline Perspectives

    Jason D. Toft, Donna Marie Bilkovic, Molly M. Mitchell, and Megan K. La Peyre


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