1st Edition


Edited By T A Dorey Copyright 1971

    First published in 1971, Livy is a collection of essays that deals with Livy’s work and its influence on the scholarship of Western Europe. The monumental nature of Livy’s History makes it a source of material for all those interested in the means by which Rome grew into an Imperial power and in the institutions that made her great. Later generations have also sought in Livy’s pages for some magic formula that they could apply to the management of their own cities. The volume includes three chapters on the surviving portions of Livy, one on the history of Livian scholarship in Germany, and – commemorating the Machiavelli quincentenary – one on Livy and Machiavelli. There are also chapters on Livy’s influence on Montesquieu, on the use made of Livy by Macaulay, and on the Florentine Manuscripts of Livy which were such prized possessions in the sixteenth century. This book will be of interest to students of classical literature, history and philosophy.

    List of Illustrations Introduction 1. The First Decade J. Briscoe 2. The Third Decade E. Burck 3. The Fourth and Fifth Decades F. W. Walbank 4. Machiavelli’s Use of Livy J. H. Whitfield 5. Livy and the Germans B. Doer 6. Livy and Montesquieu Sheila M. Mason 7. Livy and Macaulay K. R. Prowse 8. Florentine Manuscripts of Livy in the Fifteenth Century Albina De La Mare Appendix to Chapter VIII Index of Names Subject Index


    T. A. Dorey