1st Edition

Local Government Economics in Theory and Practice

Edited By David Neden King Copyright 1989

    First published in 1992, Local Government Economics in Theory and Practice is an effort to rectify the lack of a comparative analysis between democratic local governments of various countries and their methods of financing. A series of chapters examines the theoretical basis for different systems of local government finance and how these systems work out in practice. The book covers various aspects of reforms in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, and includes a discussion of the rationale for the community charge. This collection of essays will be of importance to students of economics and public policy.

    Figures Tables Contributors Acknowledgement Introduction: Giancarlo Pola and David King 1. Decentralisation and political rents Gianluigi Galeotti 2. The political economy of tax and expenditure decentralisation Erich Thöni 3. Current issues in the theory of fiscal federalism David King 4. Local finance in Spain Antoni Castells and Joaquim Sole-Vilanova 5. Financing local government Jeffrey Owens 6. How far is the poll tax a ‘community charge’? Glen Bramley, Gordon Hamilton, Julian Le Grand, William Low 7. Reform of local taxation in Germany Horst Zimmermann 8. Property taxation in France Remy Prud’homme and Francoise Navarre 9. Revealed preferences for local public goods Stefano Piperno and Walter Santagata 10. Business collective action and the role of local government in economic development Robert J. Bennett and John Sellgren Index


    David King