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    Locating Emerging Media focuses on the tensions between the local and global in the design, distribution, and use of emerging media forms, building on scholarship on the cultural geography of new media networks and products and the relationships between the "global" and the "local." Authors consider new media practices, texts, services, software, policies, infrastructures, and design discourses that enrich existing relationships between creative industries and cultures of production, reception, and engagement. This consideration highlights the relationships between global and local perspectives and new media technologies and practices emerging within (and through) the geography and culture of particular places. Areas examined include East Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, South Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. Through all is the recognition that what is new or emergent around the globe is unique in each locality.

    Introduction: Locating Emerging Media Germaine R. Halegoua  Part I: Policy  1. Cultivating Digital Media Capitals: Place, Policy, and "Ubiquitous Cities" Germaine R. Halegoua  2. State Policy towards Online Communications and the Internet Regulatory Regime in Turkey Bilge Yesil  3. Leapfrogging the Digital Divide: Locating Emerging Media in Remote Australia Tracey Benson  4. The Local and the Global in ICTD Initiatives: Analyzing Implementers and Audiences, a Case Study of Voice of Kibera Melissa Tully  Part II: Industry  5. Game History and the Case of "Malzak": Theorizing the Manufacture of "Local Product" in 1980s New Zealand Melanie Swalwell and Michael Davidson  6. How Comic Books Travel: Brick-and-Mortar Stores, Digital Networks, and Global Flows Derek Johnson  7. Situating Ghana’s New Media Industry: Liberalization and Transnational Entrepreneurship Seyram Avle  Part III: Texts  8. Jordanian Queen Rania as Queen Consort of Social Media and Maternal Feminism: Constructing Fantasies of Sameness Candice Haddad  9. New Media, Collapsed Boundaries, and Hybridized Identities in the Context of Contemporary Chile Kristin Sorensen  10. Mapping the Mediascape: The Politics of Chinese Software Art Chaz Evans  Part IV: Geographies  11. When Fiji is not an Island: Converging Histories of the South Pacific’s (New) Media Capital? Nicole Starosielski  12. Affective Belongings across Geographies: Locating YouTube Viewing Practices of Morrocan-Dutch Youth Koen Leurs, Mariëtte de Haan, and Kevin Leander


    Germaine R. Halegoua is Assistant Professor in the Film and Media Studies Department at the University of Kansas, USA.

    Ben Aslinger is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Media Studies at Bentley University, USA.

    "This volume is at the crest of a new wave within media studies. The approach of the authors is imaginative and carefully considered. The chapters open doors to topics that merit consideration by students, researchers, and media policymakers." -Philip Seib, University of Southern California, USA