1st Edition

Locating Health Historical and Anthropological Investigations of Place and Health

Edited By Erika Dyck, Christopher Fletcher Copyright 2011
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The essays in this collection focus on the dynamic relationship between health and place. Historical and anthropological perspectives are presented – each discipline having a long tradition of engaging with these concepts. The resulting dialogue should produce a new layer of methodology, enhancing both fields.

    Introduction: Healthscapes: Health and Place Among and Between Disciplines, Erika Dyck, Christopher Fletcher; Chapter 1 Placing Maternal Health in India, Helen Vallianatos; Chapter 2 Putting Medicine in its Place: The Importance of Historical Geography to the History of Health Care, Jonathan Reinarz; Chapter 3 Finding Place in the Big-Little World of Doc Pritham: Telling Medical Tales About Northwoods Maine, 1920s–70s, Sasha Mullally; Chapter 4 Putting Hyperactivity in its Place: Cold War Politics, the Brain Race and the Origins of Hyperactivity in the United States, 1957–68, Matthew Smith; Chapter 5 Why Canada has a Universal Medical Insurance Programme and the United States Does not: Accounting for Historical Differences in American and Canadian Social Policies, Alvin Finkel; Chapter 6 Alberta Advantage: A Canadian Proving Ground for American Medical Research on Mustard Gas and Polio in the 1940s and 50s, Susan L. Smith, Stephen Mawdsley; Chapter 7 Placing Illness in its Cultural Territory in Veracruz, Nicaragua, Hugo De Burgos; Chapter 8 Chronic Disease in the Yukon River Basin, 1890–1960, Liza Piper; Chapter 9 ‘An Ideal Home for the Consumptive: Place, Race and Tuberculosis in the Canadian West’, Maureen Lux; Chapter 10 Serbian Landscapes of Dreamtime and Healing: Clear Streams, Stones of Prophesy, St Sava’s Ribs, and the Wooden City of Oz, Marko Živkovi?;


    Erika Dyck, Christopher Fletcher