1st Edition

Locating Transference Psychoanalytic Inquiry, 13.4

Edited By Gail S Reed, Howard B. Levine Copyright 1993

    First published in 1993. This is Volume 13, No 4 of the Psychoanalytic Inquiry which focuses on locating transference: actuality and illusion in the psychoanalytic encounter. The interrelation between actuality and illusion within the clincal encounter is a subject that has influenced the tehory and pratcice of psychoanalysis since its beginnings, particulary with regard to how clinicians identify and construe the transference.

    Dedication, Joseph D. Lichtenberg, M. D.
    Prologue, Gail S. Reed, Ph.D. and Howard B. Levine, M. D., Issue Editors
    - Countertransference Strain and the Use of the Analyst, Elsa First, M. A.
    - Aspects of Reality, and  the Focus of Interpretation, Michael Feldman, F. R. C. Psych
    - The Analyst's experience in the Psychoanalytic Situation: A Continuum Between Objective and Subjective Reality, Alan Z. Skolnikoff, M.D.
    - Structural Actualities of the Transference and Their Effects on the Analyst's Functions, Stanley L. Olinick, M. D.
    - Unconscious Fantasy and Theories of Technique, Frederic J. Levine, Ph.D.
    - Is Love in the Analytic Relationship "Real"?, Axel Hoffer, M. D.
    - Slaying the Dragons of the Past or Cooking the Hare In the Present: A Historical View on Affects in the Psychoanalytic Encounter, Andre Haynal, M. D. and Ernst Falzeder, Ph.D.
    - Reality and Psychic Reality in Ernst Kris's Last Papers: An Attempt to Update His Findings, Martin S. Bergmann
    - Actuality and Illusion in the Transference: A Brief Discussion, Howard B. Levine, M. D., Issue Editor
    Epilogue: Actuality, Illusion, and Clinical Authority, Gail S. Reed, Ph.D., Issue Editor


    Gail S Reed, Howard B. Levine