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    266 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Not only is locative media one of the fastest growing areas in digital technology, but questions of location and location-awareness are increasingly central to our contemporary engagements with online and mobile media, and indeed media and culture generally. This volume is a comprehensive account of the various location-based technologies, services, applications, and cultures, as media, with an aim to identify, inventory, explore, and critique their cultural, economic, political, social, and policy dimensions internationally. In particular, the collection is organized around the perception that the growth of locative media gives rise to a number of crucial questions concerning the areas of culture, economy, and policy.

    Introduction: Locative Media: Histories, Theories Rowan Wilken and Gerard Goggin  Part 1: Practices, Publics, Spaces  2. Intimate Cartographies of the Visual: Camera Phones, Locative Media, and Intimacy in Kakao Larissa Hjorth  3. Mobile Communication Technologies and Spatial Perception: Mapping London Didem Ozkul  4. The Social Media Life of Public Spaces: Reading Places Through the Lens of Geo-Tagged Data Raz Schwartz and Nadav Hochman  5. Locative Praxis: Mobile Activism and the Locative Sphere Andrea Zeffiro  Part 2: Geography, Code, Representation 6. Map Interfaces and the Production of Locative Media Space Jason Farman  7. Locating Media, Performing Spatiality: A Non-Representational Approach to Locative Media Federica Timeto  8. The Cluster Diagram: A Topological Analysis of Locative Networking Carlos Barreneche  Part 3: Information, Privacy, Policy  9. Evolving Concepts of Personal Privacy: Locative Media in Online Mobile Spaces Timothy Dwyer  10. Google Glass and Australian Privacy Law: Regulating the Future of Locative Media James Meese  11. Locative Media, Privacy, and State Surveillance in Mexico: The Case of the Geolocalization Law Gerard Goggin and César Albarrán-Torres  12. Seeking Transparency in Locative Media Tama Leaver and Clare Lloyd  Part 4: Economies, Networks, Logistics  13. Locating Foursquare: The Political Economics of Mobile Social Software Rowan Wilken and Peter Bayliss  14. Becoming Drones: Smart Phone Probes and Distributed Sensing Mark Andrejevic  15. Locative Media as Logistical Media: Situating Infrastructure and the Governance of Labor in Supply-Chain Capitalism Ned Rossiter  16. Locative Aesthetics and the Actor-Network Michael Dieter


    Rowan Wilken is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences, and a postdoctoral research fellow in the Swinburne Institute for Social Research, at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

    Gerard Goggin is Professor and Chair of the Media and Communications Department at the University of Sydney, Australia.

    "Wilken and Goggin’s edited collection is a valuable addition to the literature on locative media. By combining an international perspective with a wide range of topics, this book helps further our understanding of the potential impacts of these new technologies. One of the true strengths of this book is how it combines cultural, political, and economic areas of focus, and it will be a valuable resource for anyone studying the emergence of new mobile technologies." -- Jordan Frith, North Carolina State University, USA