1st Edition

Lockdown Therapy Jungian Perspectives on How the Pandemic Changed Psychoanalysis

Edited By Stefano Carpani, Monica Luci Copyright 2023
    304 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Nominated as an IAJS Book Award Finalist 2023!

    This fascinating volume explores — from the perspective both of analysts and their patients—how the COVID-19 pandemic quickly and unexpectedly created profound and lasting changes in the ways psychoanalysis is conducted, and what those changes mean for analysis moving forward.

    The first part of the book is made up of interviews conducted by Stefano Carpani with authoritative authors in analytical psychology during the earliest phase of lockdown, centered on themes of the pandemic, lockdown, and how each individual was coping with the challenges those circumstances brought on. The second part features personal essays that further details the subjective experiences of Jungian analysts and therapists worldwide, comprising a collection of reflections on how COVID-19 affected and changed the way analysts work with patients. These reflections focus on the theoretical, clinical, technical, and also practical points of view, including clinical materials on transference and counter-transference considerations. The third part of the book is specular to the second and offers reflections from patients’ perspective on how the pandemic changed their therapies and lockdown affected their experience of therapy. Patients have provided anonymous testimonies through their writing of how they experienced of the change of setting, mindset and related implications.

    A comprehensive overview of an important and ongoing conversation, Lockdown Therapy is crucial reading for Jungian analysts and scholars, as well as other clinicians training in analysis, psychotherapy and counselling.


    Misser Berg

    Introduction: The Suspension of Certainties 

    Stefano Carpani & Monica Luci

    Part I 

    1. Spring and Imagination

    Verena Kast

    2. Nature and Death

    Murray Stein

    3. Illness as Metaphor

    Paul Attinello

    4. Compensation

    John Beebe

    5. The Suspension of Time

    Davide Favero & Stefano Candellieri

    6. Psychosocial Perspectives and Covid 19

    Andrew Samuels

    7. The Suspension of Certainties

    Susan Rowland

    8. Fraternitè

    Ursula Brasch

    9. Nightmares

    Renate Daniels

    Part II 

    10. How I Was Affected by Covid-19 in my Practice

    Misser Berg

    11. Are You There? Disconnection Entering the Analytical Space

    Olivia del Castillo

    12. One Other Contagion in the Time of Coronavirus

    Dan Cross

    13. Covid-19: Impressions, Sidelights, and Thoughts from the Psychotherapeutic Practice

    Renate Daniel

    14. Poetry as a Personalized Lockdown Therapy

    Roula Maria Dib

    15. Presence and Absence of the Body in Psychotherapy During Lockdown

    Paolo Ferliga

    16. What Does the Virus Do to the Analytic Container? Thoughts on the Frame in Times of Pandemic

    Daniela Eulert-Fuchs

    17. Lockdown Therapy: What the Virus Gives and Takes Away

    Roberto Grande

    18. How Are You? The Mystery of Communication Between Alone-nesses

    Emilijia Kiehl

    19. Psyche and the Speed of Life: Jungian Reflections on the Pandemic

    Milena Sotirova-Kohli

    20. To Touch and To Be Touched: On Affection, Infection and Contagion: An Analysis of the Analytic Ethic Reimagined Through Coronavirus

    Tiffany Houck-Loomis

    21. Jungian Analysts' Experiences of Working Online

    John Merchant

    22. Saying "Goodbye" Over Zoom: On Termination During Covid

    Jon Mills

    23. Impact of the Pandemic on my Therapeutic Practice

    Marianne Müller

    24. Living in the Shadow of War

    Ruth Williams

    25. Home, Sweet Home

    Tine Papič

    26. The Expanded Container: Analysis in a Pandemic

    Nancy Robinson-Kime

    27. Facing Suffering, Compassion and Tranformation

    Heyong Shen

    28. Online Therapy: The New Normal?

    Pia Skogemann

    29. Is the Genie Out of the Bottle? The Impact of the Pandemic on Analytic Process and Analytic Training

    Mark Winborn

    30. Accelerations and decelerations: Individuation at Pandemic Speed

    Luciana Ximenez

    Part III

    31. 'Me and My Therapist are Bodies in Space, Or: Embodied Sliding on the Ego-Self Axis

    J. F.

    32. Coming and Going

    K. E. K.

    33. A Personal Experience of Therapy During Covid-19 Pandemic

    M. S.


    Stefano Carpani, M.Phil., M.A., is a psychoanalyst (CGJIZ and IAAP). He is the editor of Breakfast at Küsnacht (Chiron, 2020), The Plural Turn in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies (Routledge, 2021), Anthology of Contemporary Classics in Analytical Psychology: The New Ancestors (Routledge, 2022) and Individuation and Liberty in a Globalized World: Psychosocial Perspectives on Freedom after Freedom (Routledge, 2022).

    Monica Luci, PhD, Jungian and relational psychoanalyst (AIPA-IAAP and IARPP), works in private practice in Rome. She is the author, translator, and editor of publications on the themes of trauma, displacement, collective violence, sexuality, and gender, among which the monographs Torture, Psychoanalysis & Human Rights (Routledge, 2017), and Torture Survivors in Analytic Therapy: Jung, Politics and Culture (Routledge, 2022).

    "It is a great pleasure for me to acknowledge the excellent work done by the editors and all the contributors to this important book. The pandemic has changed us all and we need tools to understand how. It is my belief that this book will make a lasting contribution to the understanding of how the pandemic changed the Jungian world and how creativity and profound reflectivity could help us all in finding new ways to continue the work. I am sure that the book will be of great value to our Jungian community." - Misser Berg, IAAP President Elect