1st Edition

Locke and Leibniz on Substance

Edited By Paul Lodge, Tom Stoneham Copyright 2015
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Locke and Leibniz on Substance gathers together papers by an international group of academic experts, examining the metaphysical concept of substance in the writings of these two towering philosophers of the early modern period. Each of these newly-commissioned essays considers important interpretative issues concerning the role that the notion of substance plays in the work of Locke and Leibniz, and its intersection with other key issues, such as personal identity. Contributors also consider the relationship between the two philosophers and contemporaries such as Descartes and Hume.

    Introduction Paul Lodge and Tom Stoneham  1. Locke on Substance and Our Ideas of Substances Peter Millican  2. The Supposed but Unknown: A Functionalist Account of Locke’s Substratum Han-Kyul Kim  3. Hume on Substance: A Critique of Locke Donald L. M. Baxter  4. Locke’s Account of Substance in Light of His General Theory of Identity Martha Brandt Bolton  5. Locke on Substance, Consciousness, and Personal Identity Lex Newman  6. Are Locke’s Persons Modes or Substances? Samuel C. Rickless  7. Locke’s Choice between Materialism and Dualism Lisa Downing  8. Leibniz on Substance in the Discourse on Metaphysics Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra  9. Perception and Individuality in the Leibnizian Conception of Substance Anne-Lise Rey  10. Leibniz on Created Substance and Occasionalism Paul Lodge  11. Leibniz on Substance and Causation John Whipple  12. Leibniz’s Theory of Substance and his Metaphysics of the Incarnation Maria Rosa Antognazza


    Paul Lodge is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Fellow of Mansfield College at the University of Oxford, Specializing in 17th-Century Philosophy. He has published numerous articles on Leibniz and is editor and translator of The Leibniz-De Volder Correspondence (2013), and editor of Leibniz and His Correspondents (2004).

    Tom Stoneham is Professor of Philosophy at the University of York. He has written extensively on Berkeley, including a monograph (Berkeley’s World, 2002), journal articles and contributions to handbooks (e.g. The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics, 2009; Debates in Modern Philosophy, Routledge, 2013). He has been interviewed for Philosophy Bites with Nigel Warburton and In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg. He also writes on modal metaphysics and perceptual and phenomenal consciousness.

    "Locke and Leibniz on Substance is an excellent volume. It is focused on two giants of the seventeenth century, their treatment of a topic of central importance in early modern philosophy, and it contains first-rate papers by leading scholars."Laurence Carlin, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

    "An outstanding collection of essays on a central topic in early modern philosophy." —Brandon C. Look, University of Kentucky