11th Edition

Logan Turner's Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear, Head and Neck Surgery

Edited By S Musheer Hussain Copyright 2016
    751 Pages 409 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    752 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book covers neuro-sensory deafness, head and neck cancer, paediatric airway disease, skull base surgery and the rhinological revolution brought about by the endoscope. It is helpful for the practicing otolaryngologist, ENT specialists in training and those undertaking specialty examinations.

    Section I: The Nose 1. Anatomy and physiology of the nose and paranasal sinuses 2. Investigation of nasal diseases 3. Epistaxis 4. Acute rhinosinusitis and its complications 5. Granulomatous conditions of the nose 6. Chronic rhinosinusitis 7. The blocked nose 8. Allergic rhinitis 9. Facial pain 10. Nasal and facial trauma 11. Facial plastic surgery 12. Pituitary surgery 13. Smell and anosmia 14. Tumours of the nose and sinuses 15. Specific chronic nasal infections 16. Snoring and OSA in adults Section II: Throat/Head and Neck 17. Anatomy of the larynx and pharynx 18. Investigation of pharyngeal disease 19. Benign disease of the pharynx 20. Infections of the pharynx 21. Investigations of laryngeal disease 22. Infections of the larynx 23. Tumours of the nasopharynx 24. Tumours of the oropharynx 25. Tumours of the hypopharynx 26. Tumours of the oral cavity 27. Tumours of the larynx 28. Salivary gland disease 29. Thyroid disease 30. Benign diseases of the oral cavity 31. Neck space infections 32. Disorders of voice 33. Vocal cord paralysis 34. Laryngo-tracheal trauma 35. Tracheostomy 36. Neck masses 37. Dysphagia 38. The parathyroid Section III: Ear 39. Anatomy and physiology 40. Tests for hearing 41. Tests for balance 42. Diseases of the external ear 43. Acute otitis media 44. Chronic otitis media 45. Complications of otitis media 46. Otosclerosis 47. Sensorineural hearing loss 48. Tinnitus 49. Disorders of balance 50. Cerebellopontine angle tumours 51. Otological trauma 52. The facial nerve 53. Otitis externa 54. Tumours of the middle ear 55. Implants in otology Section IV: Paediatrics 56. Tonsils and adenoids 57. Acute rhinosinusitis and complications 58. Stridor and airway endoscopy 59. Tracheostomy 60. Subglottic stenosis 61. Tumours and cysts of the head and neck 62. The deaf child 63. Acute otitis media and mastoiditis 64. Otitis media with effusion 65. Chronic otitis media 66. Balance disorders in children 67. Choanal atresia 68. Obstructive sleep apnoea 69. Drooling Section V: Miscellaneous 70. ENT head and neck radiology


    S Musheer Hussain