1st Edition

Logic Safari Book 3, Grades 5-6

By Bonnie L. Risby Copyright 2005
    38 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    This safari will send students on an expedition that will result in hours of good thinking and unbridled enthusiasm. As enthusiasm soars so do the levels of thinking skills engaged. Students love these deductive logic puzzles so much that they beg to do them, little realizing that they are building important reading comprehension and thinking skills.

    Teachers love these puzzles because of their ease of use in multicurricular parallels and their effortlessness in fitting into pullout programs of limited duration. Each motivating puzzle includes an introduction with student-related topics, clues, a grid, and an illustration. The goal in Logic Safari is to hunt down the clues, sort, analyze, and combine them into the correct solution. Each book represents an ever-increasing challenge to students while scenarios remain fresh, evoking renewed eagerness. The size of the grids is an indication of difficulty.

    This is the last in a three-book series of deductive logic puzzles. For easier puzzles, see Logic Safari Book 1 and Logic Safari Book 2.

    Grades 5-6

    1. Yearbook 2 .. Camp Out 3. Miniature Golf 4. Parent Volunteers 5. Lemonade Stand 6. Homecoming Parade 7. Fish Fry 8. Animal Crackers 9. Trivia Contest 10. Apple Orchard Hay Ride 11. Copy Cats 12. Team Pictures 13. Natural Disaster Kits 14. Student of the Week Awards 15. Tyler's Birthday 16. Water Balloon Fight 17. Family Garden 18. Golf Lesson 19. Pine Wood Derby 20. Secretaries' Day 21. Kittens 22. Garbage Sale 23. Mother's-Day 24. April Creek Walk 25. School Carnival26. The Card Shop 27. Great River Road 28. Balloon Races Answers


    Bonnie Lou Risby grew up in the Illinois woodlands atop the limestone bluffs across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. These woods were her playground where she and her siblings camped out, played detective, scout, hunter, etc. and enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors in every season.

    Prufrock Press puts out super logic resources! I've had the pleasure of using five of their logic/critical thinking books for elementary children and would recommend them to anyone . . . My kids LOVE these. We typically take one day a week during math time as a logic day. Puzzlers like these are some of the resources I'll use and they literally beg me for logic days . . . Black and white illustrations make the pages attractive to my children, while thorough, but uncomplicated explanations and clues are attractive to me.,Cindy West,The Curriculum Choice, 12/14/09