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Logic and Algebra

ISBN 9780824796068
Published May 30, 1996 by CRC Press
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Book Description

"Attempts to unite the fields of mathematical logic and general algebra. Presents a collection of refereed papers inspired by the International Conference on Logic and Algebra held in Siena, Italy, in honor of the late Italian mathematician Roberto Magari, a leading force in the blossoming of research in mathematical logic in Italy since the 1960s."

Table of Contents

"Invited Papers Logic of Proofs with Complexity Operators, S. ArtEmov and A. Chuprina Beyond the s-Semantics: A Theory of Observables, M. Comini and G. Levi The Logic of Commuting Equivalence Relations, D. Finberg, M. Mainetti, and G.-C. Rota Proof-Nets: The Parallel Syntax for Proof-theory, J.-Y. Girard Magari and Others on GOdel's Ontological Proof, P. Hajek Finitely Generated Magari Algebras and Arithmetic, L. Hendriks and D. de Jongh The Butterfly and the Serpent, J. Lambek Adjoints in and Among Bicategories, F. William Lawvere Exponential Algebra, A. Macintyre Categorical Equivalences for Varieties, R. McKenzie Boolean Universal Algebra, A.F. Pixley Restructuring Mathematical Logic: An Approach Based on Peirce's Pragmatism, R. Wille The Development of Research in Algebra in Italy from 1850 to 1940, G. Zappa Contributed Papers A Criterion to Decide the Semantic Match Problem, G. Aguzzi and U. Modigliani Remarks on Magari Algebras of PA and IDelta0+EXP, L. Beklemishev Undecidability in Weak Membership Theories, D. BellE and F. Parlamento Infinite Lambda-Calculus and Non-sensible Models, A. Berarducci A Computer Study of 3-Element Groupoids, J. Bremen and S.N. Burris Ideal Properties of Congruencies, I. Chajda Dualisability in General and Endodualisability in Particular, B.A. Davey Hyperordinals and Nonstandard Alpha-Models, M. Di Nasso Some Notes on Subword Quantification and Induction Thereof, F. Ferreira Research in Automated Deduction as a Basis for a Probabilistic Proof-theory, P. Forcheri, P. Gentilini, and M.T. Molfino Idempotent Simple Algebras, K. Kearnes A Revision of the Mathematical Part of Magari's Paper on ""Introduction to Metamorality"", R. Magari and G. Simi Some Aspects of the Categorical Semantics for the Polymorphic Lambda-Calculus, M.E. Maietti Reflection Using the Derivability Conditions, S. Matthews and A.K. Simpson Stone Bases, Alias the Constructive Content of Stone Representation, S. Negri On k-Permutability for Categories of T-Algebras, M.C. Pedicchio Weak vs. Strong Boethius' Thesis: A Problem in the Analysis of Consequential Implication, C. Pizzi A New and Elementary Method to Represent Every Complete Boolean Algebra, G. Sambin On Finite Intersections of Intermediate Predicate Logics, D. Skvortsov A Completeness Theorem for Formal Topologies, A. Valentini "

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"Many papers in this volume are valuable contributions to mathematical logic, universal algebra, and category theory, and the volume is recommended to researchers in these fields. "
---Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica