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Thomas Hardy Selected Poems

Thomas Hardy: Selected Poems

1st Edition

By Tim Armstrong
April 14, 2009

In Thomas Hardy: Selected Poems Tim Armstrong brings together over 180 poems in the first comprehensively annotated selection of Hardy’s poetry. Unlike most previous selections, this edition preserves the shape of the poet’s career by presenting the poems in the order in which they ...

Chaucer's Dream Poetry

Chaucer's Dream Poetry

1st Edition

Edited By Helen Phillips, Nick Havely
November 11, 1997

Dream literature is regarded as one of the most important genres in medieval literature and is widely studied. This text provides a succinct and clear introduction to the five central poems that comprise Chaucer's Dream Poetry, and shows his role as a leading adapter of European Literary tradition ...

Clough Selected Poems

Clough: Selected Poems

1st Edition

By Arthur Hugh Clough, Joseph Phelan
January 19, 2017

This volume represents a selection of some of the best poetry by Arthur Hugh Clough (1810-61). Detailed annotation provides the modern reader with the intellectual, cultural and historical information necessary for a full appreciation of the poet's work. The poems selected span Clough's entire ...

William Cowper The Task and Selected Other Poems

William Cowper: The Task and Selected Other Poems

1st Edition

By James Sambrook
December 14, 2016

Having previously suffered neglect as a result of Pope's dominance of the period, William Cowper (1731-1800) has now become a far more important figure in eighteenth-century literature. Following the successful format of the series, Professor Sambrook's edition consists of a comprehensive, ...

The Dunciad in Four Books

The Dunciad in Four Books

2nd Edition

Edited By Valerie Rumbold
January 13, 2009

The Dunciad in Four Books of 1743 was the culmination of the series of Dunciads which Alexander Pope produced over the last decade and a half of his life. It comprises not only a poem, but also a mass of authorial annotation and appendices, and this authoritative edition is the only one available ...

Women Writers in Renaissance England An Annotated Anthology

Women Writers in Renaissance England: An Annotated Anthology

2nd Edition

By Randall Martin
February 10, 2010

Of all the new developments in literary theory, feminism has proved to be the most widely influential, leading to an expansion of the traditional English canon in all periods of study. This book aims to make the work of Renaissance women writers in English better known to general and academic ...

Victorian Women Poets An Annotated Anthology

Victorian Women Poets: An Annotated Anthology

1st Edition

By Virginia Blain
July 02, 2009

There has been a huge revival of interest in Victorian women's poetry in the last ten years, and it has led to a major reconfiguration of the English poetic landscape of the nineteenth century. This title offers a key selection of poems by 13 Victorian women poets from Christina Rosetti and ...

King Lear Parallel Text Edition

King Lear: Parallel Text Edition

2nd Edition

By Rene Weis
December 11, 2009

This reissed edition of Longman Annotated Texts King Lear includes comprehensive notes, annotations and an introduction, all designed to be of use to undergraduates and interested readers.King Lear is one of Shakespeare's most widely studied tragedies. However, since the late 1970s textual scholars...

Women's Writing in Middle English An Annotated Anthology

Women's Writing in Middle English: An Annotated Anthology

2nd Edition

By Alexandra Barratt
January 29, 2010

Women's writing in any period remains of critical concern, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Alexandra Barratt's edition offers a wide range of texts from the period 1300-1500, including: Original texts written by women in the Middle Ages Texts translated by women in the ...

Ben Jonson Four Comedies

Ben Jonson: Four Comedies

1st Edition

By Ben Jonson, Helen Ostovich
April 09, 1997

This edition of Ben Jonson's four middle comedies places the works in the popular history and culture of the times, 1605-1614, and surveys the influences, both classical and contemporary, on Jonson as a playwright. On-the-page annotations recreate the audiences perception of the plays as ...

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