1st Edition

Longman Companion to Britain in the Era of the Two World Wars 1914-45, The

By Andrew Thorpe Copyright 1994
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the momentous period -- barely 30 years -- covered by this systematic reference/guide, the Edwardian world was transformed unrecognisably, through war, technological progress and social change, into the Nuclear Age. It saw the coming of mass democracy, the apogee of empire, the Depression, the threat of fascism, the development of suburban society, and, as yet scarcely understood, the end of Britain's international hegemony. Andrew Thorpe's superb contribution to the Companions series illuminates all this and much else. It will be indispensable to anyone interested in the history and politics of modern Britain.

    Section I: Political history.  1. Political chronology.  2. The monarchy.  3. Ministers.  4. Elections.  5. Party Politics.  6. Other parties.  7. Pressure groups.  8. Machinery of government.  9. Local government.  Section II Social History.  1. Population and migration.  2. Education.  3. Health, social welfare and poverty.  4. Housing.
    5. Gender and sexuality.  6. Crime and police.  7. The news media.  8. Religion.  Section III: Economic History
    1. Trade.  2. Prices and wages.  3. Employment and unemployment.  4. Agriculture.  5. Industry.  6. Labour and trade unions.  7. Finance and taxation.  8. Transport and communications.  Section IV: Foreign affairs, defence and the Empire.  1. The armed forces and defence.  2. The First World War.  3. The Second World War.  4. Major treaties.
    5. Ireland.  6. Empire.  Section V: Bibliographies.  Section VI: Glossary of terms.   Section VII: Topic Bibliography.  Index


    Andrew Thorpe