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Longman History of America

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The New Republic The United States of America 1789-1815

The New Republic: The United States of America 1789-1815

1st Edition

By Reginald Horsman
December 10, 1999

Reginald Horsman's powerful and comprehensive survey of the early years of the American Republic covers the dramatic years from the setting up of the US Constitution in 1789, the first US presidency under George Washington, and also the presidencies of Adams, Jeffersen and Madison. A major strength...

America Before the European Invasions

America Before the European Invasions

1st Edition

By Alice Beck Kehoe
August 07, 2002

Beginning with the immigrants from Asia, through inventions of agriculture, cities and kingdoms, American First Nations are integral to the history of the United States.  They explored the continent, pioneered its waterways and mountain passes, cleared forests, irrigated deserts, and ranched ...

Civil War America Making a Nation, 1848-1877

Civil War America: Making a Nation, 1848-1877

1st Edition

By Robert Cook
March 31, 2003

The American Civil War was without doubt the defining event in the history of the United States. This up-to-date analyisis of a critical period goes beyond the origins, course and consequences of the Civil War to bring in other important themes such as racial conflict, gender relations, religion, ...

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