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Longman History of European Women

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The Making of Modern Woman

The Making of Modern Woman

1st Edition

By Lynn Abrams
July 19, 2002

Modern woman was made between the French Revolution and the end of the First World War. In this time, the women of Europe crafted new ideas about their sexuaity, motherhood, the home, the politics of femininity, and their working roles. They faced challenges about what a woman should be and how she...

Women in Eighteenth Century Europe

Women in Eighteenth Century Europe

1st Edition

By Margaret Hunt
October 07, 2009

Was the century of Voltaire also the century of women?  In the eighteenth century changes in the nature of work, family life, sexuality, education, law, religion, politics and warfare radically altered the lives of women. Some of these developments caused immense confusion and suffering; ...

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