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Longman History of Modern Europe

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Europe Contested From the Kaiser to Brexit

Europe Contested: From the Kaiser to Brexit

2nd Edition

By Harold James
November 11, 2019

Europe Contested analyses the failures and achievements of an astonishing era of economic advance and political chaos, from the First World War up to the present day. Beginning with the Great War, the book goes on to examine connections between the self-destruction of liberal democracy, market ...

Revolutionary Europe 1780–1850

Revolutionary Europe 1780–1850

2nd Edition

By Jonathan Sperber
April 12, 2017

Jonathan Sperber’s Revolutionary Europe 1780–1850 is a history of Europe in the age of the French Revolution, from the end of the old regime to the outcome of the revolutions of 1848. Fully revised and updated, this second edition provides a continent-wide history of the key political events and ...

Europe 1850-1914 Progress, Participation and Apprehension

Europe 1850-1914: Progress, Participation and Apprehension

1st Edition

By Jonathan Sperber
November 06, 2008

This innovative survey of European history from the middle of the nineteenth century to the outbreak of the First World War tells the story of an era of outward tranquillity that was also a period of economic growth, social transformation, political contention and scientific, and artistic ...

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