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Longman Social Policy In Britain Series

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Health Policy and the NHS Towards 2000

Health Policy and the NHS: Towards 2000

2nd Edition

By Judith Allsop
April 28, 1995

Health Policy and the NHS provides a thorough and up-to-date review of the changes in the structure and organisation of the health service. It focuses on how sucessive governments have approached problems of health care, their policy assumptions and the economic and political context of their ...

Social Policy and Privatisation

Social Policy and Privatisation

1st Edition

By Mark Drakeford
October 19, 1999

Privatisation and Social Policy follows this format while addressing one of the key issues of recent years, namely the covert but undeniable impact of growing privatisation on the development and implementation of social policy. As the text demonstrates, there is no area of policy which ...

The Foundations of the Welfare State

The Foundations of the Welfare State

2nd Edition

By Pat Thane
November 22, 1996

A fully revised and rewritten second edition of a book which is now regarded as a classic. Takes full advantage of new research and places strong emphasis on voluntary action and the role of women in the shaping of social policy.It retains the excellent historical perspective that makes it unique ...

Older People in Modern Society

Older People in Modern Society

4th Edition

By Anthea Tinker
April 22, 1997

Older People in Modern Society is an established classic text in its field and through subsequent editions its reputation and that of its author has grown. In this fourth and renamed edition, Anthea Tinker synthesises and discusses a wide range of literature about older people, drawing from fields ...

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