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Disability and Society Emerging Issues and Insights

Disability and Society: Emerging Issues and Insights

1st Edition

By Len Barton
April 03, 1996

The study of disability has traditionally been influenced mainly by medical and psychological models. The aim of this new text, Disability and Society, is to open up the debate by introducing alternative perspectives reflecting the increasing sociological interest in this important topic.Disability...

Women and Career: Themes and Issues In Advanced Industrial Societies

Women and Career: Themes and Issues In Advanced Industrial Societies

1st Edition

By Julia Evetts
January 24, 1994

Addresses the difficulties faced by women who embark on careers in the professions and considers the future of equal opportunties policies at a time of recession and high unemployment. It also explores the need to de-gender the concept of career in order to encompass women's expectations...

Patterns of Social Inequality Essays for Richard Brown

Patterns of Social Inequality: Essays for Richard Brown

1st Edition

By Huw Beynon, Pandeli Glavanis
July 06, 1999

Written by a group of the UK's leading Sociologists, this book covers in one volume all of the themes central to an understanding of contemporary British Society. Essays provide an historical overview of such topics as class, gender, work, ethnicity and community but also make a theoretical and ...

Shaping Women's Work Gender, Employment and Information Technology

Shaping Women's Work: Gender, Employment and Information Technology

1st Edition

By Juliet Webster
November 11, 1996

A new book offering a broad overview of the debates about technologies and gender relations at work in a range of occupational areas. Innovative in its approach it deals with gender relations in terms of the ways in which they influence the design and development of technologies, and how gender ...

Social Europe

Social Europe

2nd Edition

By Joe Bailey
July 08, 1998

Since the first edition of Social Europe was published in 1992 profound social changes have occurred throughout Europe as a result of conflicting pressures on the one hand to become more integrated and on the other to protect national interests and identity. This second edition of Social Europe has...

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