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Longman Studies In Twentieth Century Literature

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New York Fictions Modernity, Postmodernism, The New Modern

New York Fictions: Modernity, Postmodernism, The New Modern

1st Edition

By Peter Brooker
September 08, 2017

In this original study, Peter Brooker takes issue with the simplified opposition of postmodernism to modernism in accounts of the modern period. Instead, he follows the course of modernity in the spectacular example of New York, to reveal the complexities of both modernist and postmodern responses ...

Fictions of Power in English Literature 1900-1950

Fictions of Power in English Literature: 1900-1950

1st Edition

By Lee Horsley
April 20, 2017

As a result of its imperial role, Britain was closely involved with such romantic and disruptive myths of power such as the imperial adventure hero and the self-deified charismatic leader. Lee Horsley explores fictional representations of political power during this period, surveying a wide range ...

Literature and Culture in Northern Ireland Since 1965 Moments of Danger

Literature and Culture in Northern Ireland Since 1965: Moments of Danger

1st Edition

By Richard Kirkland
January 13, 2017

This study considers writing within the cultural context of Northern Ireland and discusses how writing creates a sense of community, and the different forms this takes when written from loyalist or republican perspectives. The book takes its major theoretical energy from readings of Antonio ...

The Other Sylvia Plath

The Other Sylvia Plath

1st Edition

By Tracy Brain
March 21, 2001

Despite being widely studied on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses the writing of Sylvia Plath has been relatively neglected in relation to the attention given to her life and what drove her to suicide. Tracy Brain aims to remedy this by introducing completely new approaches to Plath's ...

The Poetry of Ted Hughes Language, Illusion & Beyond

The Poetry of Ted Hughes: Language, Illusion & Beyond

1st Edition

By Dr. Paul Bentley
January 22, 1998

This text provides a lucid and accessible introduction to the poetry of Ted Hughes, a major figure in twentieth- century poetry whose work is concerned with the forces of nature and their interaction with the human mind. It is also the first full length study to place Hughes's poetry in the context...

The Infernal Desires of Angela Carter Fiction, Femininity, Feminism

The Infernal Desires of Angela Carter: Fiction, Femininity, Feminism

1st Edition

By Joseph Bristow, Trev Lynn Broughton
July 10, 1997

Drawing on many aspects of contemporary feminist theory, this lively collection of essays assesses Angela Carter's polemical fictions of desire. Carter, renowned for her irreverent wit, was one of the most gifted, subversive, and stylish British writers to emerge in the 1960s....

Literature and The Contemporary Fictions and Theories of the Present

Literature and The Contemporary: Fictions and Theories of the Present

1st Edition

By Roger Luckhurst, Peter Marks
June 09, 1999

At the end of the century, much criticism has become devoted to `last things': the end of history, the end of the subject, the end of the novel, the end, even, of the end. Literature and the Contemporary, in contrast, aims to provide through twelve essays evidence of the way in which the literature...

Narrative and Voice in Postwar Poetry

Narrative and Voice in Postwar Poetry

1st Edition

By Neil Roberts
March 08, 1999

Poetry in English since the Second World War has produced a number of highly original narrative works, as diverse as Derek Walcott's Omeros, Ted Hughes' Gaudete and Anne Stevenson's Correspondences. At the same time, poetry in general has been permeated by narrative features, particularly those ...

Rewriting the Thirties Modernism and After

Rewriting the Thirties: Modernism and After

1st Edition

By Keith Williams, Steven Matthews
May 16, 1997

Rewriting the Thirties questions the myth of the 'anti-modernist' decade. Conversely, the editors argue it is a symptomatic, transitional phase between modern and post-modern writing and politics, at a time of cultural and technological change.The text reconsiders some of the leading writers of the...

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