1st Edition

Loss, Grief, and Trauma in the Workplace

By Neil Thompson, Dale Lund Copyright 2009
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    166 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The workplace is not immune to the problems, pressures, and challenges presented by experiences of loss and trauma and the grief reactions they produce. This clearly written, well-crafted book offers important insights and understanding to help us appreciate the difficulties involved and prepare ourselves for dealing with such demanding situations when they arise. People's experiences of loss and trauma are, of course, not left at the factory gate or the office door. Nor are loss and traumatic events absent from the workplace itself. Loss, grief, and trauma are very much a part of life - and that includes working life. Executives, managers, human resource professionals, and employee assistance staff need to have at least a basic understanding of how loss, grief, and trauma affect people in the workplace. This book provides that foundation of understanding and offers guidance on how to find out more about these vitally important workplace issues.The text provides a valuable blend of theory and practice that will be of interest to those involved in management, human resources, and organizational studies as well as those interested in the social scientific study of loss, grief, and trauma - and, of course, to those involved in the helping professions. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with making the workplace a more humane and effective environment, or anyone wishing to develop an understanding of the complexities of loss, grief, and trauma in our lives.

    Foreword by Dr. Gerry R. Cox


     Chapter 1: Understanding Loss, Grief and Trauma
     An introduction to the key aspects of loss, grief and trauma. The chapter lays the foundations of understanding about these issues in general before focusing on how they relate specifically to the workplace.

     Chapter 2: Loss and Grief in the Workplace
     The first of two chapters that explore the significance of the issues discussed in Chapter 1. The focus is on loss and grief and how they can play a very significant role in the workplace.

     Chapter 3: Trauma in the Workplace
     Complements Chapter 2 by exploring the significance of trauma issues for the workplace. It includes discussion of situations relating to individuals and groups who are traumatized.

     Chapter 4: Law and Policy
     A discussion of the legal and policy issues relating to loss, grief and trauma.

     Chapter 5: Caring for the Caregivers
     Supporting people who are grieving or traumatized can be stressful work for managers and colleagues and can 'open up old wounds'. It is therefore important to consider the support needs of caregivers.

     Chapter 6: Helps and Hindrances
     This chapter focuses on practical steps that can help promote good practice and gives guidance on how to take such matters forward. It also identifies potential pitfalls that can prevent progress or even make matters worse.

     Chapter 7: Conclusion
     This chapter summarizes the key arguments and points presented in the book and provide food for thought in relation to taking the issues forward.

     Guide to Further Learning
     A substantive resource guide, encompassing an annotated recommended reading guide, information about training materials, details of relevant organizations and web resources



    Neil Thompson, Dale Lund