1st Edition

Lost Histories of Indian Cricket Battles Off the Pitch

By Boria Majumdar Copyright 2006
    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    Lost Histories of Indian Cricket studies the personalities and controversies that have shaped Indian cricket over the years and brings to life the intensity surrounding India's national game.
    It may be true that that cricket today arouses more passions in India than in any other cricket playing country in the world. Yet, when it comes to writing on the history of the game, Indians have been reticent and much of the past has been obscured and lost. Majumdar here recovers this history and restores it to its rightful place in India's rich sporting heritage.

    1. Empire vs. Parsee XI 2. The Cricketing Jam Ranji's Leg Glance to the Throne 3. Birthpangs Naming the Ranji Trophy 4. The Amarnath Affair 5. Nayudu Scorned 6. Tour de Farce 7. The Pentangular Panned 8. The Pretender and the Prima Donna 9. The Mankad Imbroglio 10. Men in Black and White 11. Match Fixing
    An Enemy of Yore 12. All the Skipper's Men The Ban of 1989. Epilogue


    Boria Majumdar is a Distinguished Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study at La Trobe University, Australia. He is also Deputy Executive Academic Editor of The International Journal of the History of Sport, Executive Academic Editor of Sport in Society and Co-Editor of the Sport in the Global Society series.

    "It gives good insights into various controversies including Ranj and his ‘leg glance to the throne’. I must say that I thought I knew the story of Ranji and his accession to the Jam Nawanagar, but Boria Majumdar gives us a detailed history of the family plots and subplots which would do justice to a Shakespeare play."

    Rev. Malcolm G. Lorimer, Lancashire CCC Archivist