1st Edition

Lost Plays of Shakespeare S a Cb Lost Plays Shakespeare

By Charles Jasper Sisson Copyright 1971
    245 Pages
    by Routledge

    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1971.  In writing this text the author’s intent has been as much to tell stories of life and people in Shakespeare's day as to add to our knowledge of the Elizabethan stage and drama or to record texts rescued from their burial in legal evidences and now submitted to the unforeseen test of literary criticism, which they can scarcely abide with equanimity.

    Chapter I : INTRODUCTORY Chapter II : PLAYS FROM THE LONDON STAGE (i) The Old Joiner of Aldgate, by Paul's v. The Play Reconstructed (ii) Keep the Widow Waking , or The Late Murder in Whitechapel , by Dekker, Rowley, Ford and Webster i. The Old Bailey and Star Chamber ii. The Adventure of Anne Elsdon iii. The Murder in Whitechapel iv. The Play at the Red Bull v. Dramatists and Actors at Work Chapter III : THE JIG (ii) Michael and Frances in Yorkshire . A good jest ii. Michael and Frances (iii) FooYs Fortune in Shropshire i. A Shropshire Heiress ii. Fool's Fortune, Chapter I V : THE MAY GAME page (i) The May Game (ii) The Wells May Gamei. Revels in Wells ii. William Gamages Idle Brains iii. The Quintessence of Wit Chapter V : THE LIBEL PROPER (i) The Libel (ii) The Old Guard at Stratford i. Riots at Stratford ii. A Satire to the Chief Rulers iii. Revenge still brother Rogers shall not live iv. To any honest Puritan (iii) Hudibras in Nottingham i. Civic Dudgeon ii. My Muse arise and truth then tell iii. Mary's Church


    Charles Jasper Sisson