Low-Power Electronics Design  book cover
1st Edition

Low-Power Electronics Design

Edited By

Christian Piguet

ISBN 9780849319419
Published November 29, 2004 by CRC Press
912 Pages 551 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The power consumption of integrated circuits is one of the most problematic considerations affecting the design of high-performance chips and portable devices. The study of power-saving design methodologies now must also include subjects such as systems on chips, embedded software, and the future of microelectronics. Low-Power Electronics Design covers all major aspects of low-power design of ICs in deep submicron technologies and addresses emerging topics related to future design.

This volume explores, in individual chapters written by expert authors, the many low-power techniques born during the past decade. It also discusses the many different domains and disciplines that impact power consumption, including processors, complex circuits, software, CAD tools, and energy sources and management.

The authors delve into what many specialists predict about the future by presenting techniques that are promising but are not yet reality. They investigate nanotechnologies, optical circuits, ad hoc networks, e-textiles, as well as human powered sources of energy. Low-Power Electronics Design delivers a complete picture of today's methods for reducing power, and also illustrates the advances in chip design that may be commonplace 10 or 15 years from now.

Table of Contents

History of Low-Power Electronics
Christian Piguet

Evolution of Deep Submicron Bulk and SOI Technologies
Marc Belleville and Olivier Faynot

Leakage in CMOS Nanometric Technologies
Antoni Ferré and Joan Figueras

Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, and the Future of Electronics
Jing Wang and Mark Lundstrom

Advanced Research in On-Chip Optical Interconnects
Ian O'Connor and Frédéric Gaffiot

Modeling for Designing in Deep Sub-Micron Technologies
Daniel Auvergne, Philippe Maurine, and Nadine Azémard

Logic Circuits and Standard Cells
Christian Piguet

Low-Power Very Fast Dynamic Logic Circuits
Jiren Yuan

Low-Power Arithmetic Operators
Arnaud Tisserand

Circuits Techniques for Dynamic Power Reduction
Dimitrios Soudris

VHDL for Low Power
Amara Amara and Philippe Royannez

Clocking Multi-GHz Systems
Vojin G. Oklobdzija

Circuit Techniques for Leakage Reduction
Kaushik Roy, Amit Agarwal, and Chris H. Kim

Low-Power and Low-Voltage Communication for SoCs
Christer Svensson

Adiabatic and Clock-Powered Circuits
Lars Svensson

Weak Inversion for Ultimate Low-Power Logic
Eric A. Vittoz

Robustness of Digital Circuits at Lower Voltages
Harry Veendrick

Techniques for Power and Process Variation Minimization
Lawrence T. Clark and Vivek De

Low-Power DSPs
Ingrid Verbauwhede

Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Processors
Raphaël David, Sébastien Pillement, and Olivier Sentieys

Macgic, a Low-Power Reconfigurable DSP
Flavio Rampogna, Pierre-David Pfister, Claude Arm, Patrick Volet,
Jean-Marc Masgonty, and Christian Piguet

Low-Power Asynchronous Processors
Kamel Slimani, Joao Fragoso, Mohammed Es Sahliene, Laurent Fesquet,
and Marc Renaudin

Low-Power Baseband Processors for Communications
Dake Liu and Eric Tell

StandBy Power Reduction for SRAM Memories
Stefan Cserveny, Jean-Marc Masgonty, and Christian Piguet

Low-Power Cache Design
Vasily G. Moshnyaga and Koji Inoue

Memory Organization for Low-Energy Embedded Systems
Alberto Macii

Power Performance Trade-Offs in Design of SoCs
Victor Zyuban and Philip Strenski

Low-Power SoC with Power-Aware Operating Systems Generation
Sungjoo Yoo, Aimen Bouchhima, Wander Cesario, Ahmed A. Jerraya,
and Lovic Gauthier

Low-Power Data Storage and Communication for SoC
Miguel Miranda, Erik Brockmeyer, Tycho van Meeuwen, Cedric Ghez,
and Francky Catthoor

Networks on Chips: Energy-Efficient Design of SoC Interconnect
Luca Benini, Terry Tao Ye, and Giovanni De Micheli

Highly Integrated Ultra-Low Power RF Transceivers for Wireless Sensor
B.P. Otis, Y.H. Chee, R. Lu, N.M. Pletcher, J.M. Rabaey, and S. Gambini

Power-Aware On-Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Morteza Maleki and Massoud Pedram

Modeling Computational, Sensing, and Actuation Surfaces
Phillip Stanley-Marbell, Diana Marculescu, Radu Marculescu, and Pradeep K. Khosla

Low-Power Software Techniques
Catherine H. Gebotys

Low-Power/Energy Compiler Optimizations
Ulrich Kremer

Design of Low-Power Processor Cores Using a Retargetable Tool Flow
Gert Goossens, Dirk Lanneer, and Peter Dytrych

Recent Advances in Low-Power Design and Functional Coverification
Automation from the Earliest System-Level Design Stages
Thierry J.-F. Omnès, Youcef Bouchebaba, Chidamber Kulkarni, and Fabien Coelho

High-Level Power Estimation and Analysis
Wolfgang Nebel and Domenik Helms

Power Macro-Models for High-Level Power Estimation
Enrico Macii and Massimo Poncino

Synopsys Low-Power Design Flow
Renu Mehra and Barry Pangrle

Magma Low-Power Flow
Ed Huijbregts, Lars Kruse, and Eric Seelen

Sequence Design Flow for Power-Sensitive Design
Jerry Frenkil

Battery Cells, Sources of Energy, and Chip Cooling
Battery Lifetime Optimization for Energy-Aware Circuits
Davide Bertozzi and Luca Benini

Miniature Fuel Cells for Portable Applications
Didier Bloch

Human-Generated Power for Mobile Electronics
Thad Starner

Chip Cooling: Why - How
Yervant Zorian and Dimitris Gizopoulos

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