Lubricant Additives : Chemistry and Applications, Third Edition book cover
3rd Edition

Lubricant Additives
Chemistry and Applications, Third Edition

ISBN 9781498731720
Published June 14, 2017 by CRC Press
708 Pages 400 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This indispensable book describes lubricant additives, their synthesis, chemistry, and mode of action. All important areas of application are covered, detailing which lubricants are needed for a particular application. Laboratory and field performance data for each application is provided and the design of cost-effective, environmentally friendly technologies is fully explored. This edition includes new chapters on chlorohydrocarbons, foaming chemistry and physics, antifoams for nonaqueous lubricants, hydrogenated styrene–diene viscosity modifiers, alkylated aromatics, and the impact of REACh and GHS on the lubricant industry.

Table of Contents

Section I Deposit Control Additives: Oxidation Inhibitors

Chapter 1 Antioxidants

Chapter 2 Zinc Dithiophosphates

Chapter 3 Dispersants

Chapter 4 Detergents

Section II Film-Forming Additives

Chapter 5 Organic Friction Modifiers

Chapter 6 Selection and Application of Solid Lubricants as Friction Modifiers

Section III Antiwear and Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives

Chapter 7 Ashless Antiwear and Antiscuffing (Extreme Pressure) Additives

Chapter 8 Ashless Phosphorus–Containing Lubricating Oil Additives

Chapter 9 Sulfur Carriers

Chapter 10 Chlorinated Paraffins

Section IV Viscosity Control Additives

Chapter 11 Olefin Copolymer Viscosity Modifiers

Chapter 12 Polymethacrylate Viscosity Modifiers and Pour Point Depressants

Chapter 13 Hydrogenated Styrene–Diene Copolymer Viscosity Modifiers

Chapter 14 Pour Point Depressants

Section V Miscellaneous Additives

Chapter 15 Evaluating Tackiness of Polymer-Containing Lubricants by Open-Siphon Method: Experiments,

Theory, and Observations

Chapter 16 Seal Swell Additives

Chapter 17 Antimicrobial Additives for Metalworking Lubricants

Chapter 18 Surfactants in Lubrication

Chapter 19 Foaming Chemistry and Physics

Chapter 20 Antifoams for Nonaqueous Lubricants

Chapter 21 Corrosion Inhibitors and Rust Preventatives

Chapter 22 Alkylated Naphthalenes

Chapter 23 Additives for Bioderived and Biodegradable Lubricants

Section VI Applications

Chapter 24 Additives for Grease Applications

Chapter 25 Additives for Crankcase Lubricant Applications

Chapter 26 Additives for Industrial Lubricant Applications

Chapter 27 Lubricants and Fluids for the Food Industry

Chapter 28 Lubricants for the Disk Drive Industry

Section VII Trends

Chapter 29 Impacts of the Globally Harmonized System on Lubricant Manufacturers

Chapter 30 Long-Term Trends in Industrial Lubricant Additives

Chapter 31 Long-Term Additive Trends in Aerospace Applications

Chapter 32 Eco Requirements for Lubricant Additives and Base Stocks

Section VIII Methods and Resources

Chapter 33 Lubricant Industry–Related Terms and Acronyms

Chapter 34 Testing Methods for Additive/Lubricant Performance

Chapter 35 Internet Resources for the Additive/Lubricant Industry

Appendix A: Grease Compatibility Chart

Appendix B: Color Scale Comparison Chart

Appendix C: ISO Viscosity Ranges

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Leslie R. Rudnick is president of Designed Materials LLC. He previously served as the technical director at Ultrachem Inc., was a senior scientist at The Pennsylvania State University Energy Institute, and worked for several Fortune 500 companies. An STLE fellow and ACS member, he serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Synthetic Lubrication and is the co/author and co/editor of over 100 journal articles, book chapters, and books. He holds 29 US patents as well as a BS from the University of Iowa and an MS and Ph.D from Rutgers University.

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