1st Edition

Lubricants and Waxes From Basics to Applications

By Dhananjoy Ghosh Copyright 2024
    208 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers chemistry of lubricants and waxes up to technologies applied for their commercial production including technologies in commercial operation. Grease as a lubricant in solid form including various formulations characterizing grease and liquid lubricants has been extensively covered. The environment impacts of the processes along with environment friendly processes developed have also been covered along with data in the book. To make the book more practical, various plants’ operating conditions have been provided as a part of case studies.


    • Provides updated information on the process, technologies, and application especially for production of Group-II and III base oils
    • Covers theory behind the processes including stoichiometry of chemical reactions, physical and chemical structures, and theoretical text explanations
    • Includes mathematical equations and data to evaluate the actual operations and/or check design of the plant
    • Explores practical applications including commercial production of lubricants and waxes
    • Covers various industrial case studies

    This book is aimed at Professionals in industries involving the application of lubricants and waxes.

    1. Preliminaries.  2. Lube Oil Base Stock (LOBS).  3.  Lubricant.  4.  Wax.  5.Energy optimization in dewaxing and deoiling processes.  6. Tribology.  7.  Environment impact & mitigation in the use of lubricants.  8.World lubricant market and major operating base oil refineries



    Dhananjoy Ghosh is an industrial professional and visiting faculty in universities. He is a chemical engineer, did his graduation with honors in chemistry also; he holds a PhD in petroleum technology, all from Calcutta University, India. Since beginning, his focus was on innovation, troubleshooting & safety. He had a long stint of experience in Lubricants and Wax technologies & operation when he carried out lots of field research in this field. He had been in many refineries for safe commissioning of their projects in these two areas. At senior level, he also pursued his career in operating other petroleum technologies, and in this way, he became the expert of operation in all petroleum technologies. Due to his apt on innovation, he developed technology of a new process, “Re-extraction of Aromatics from petroleum residual extract” in 1995 and got innovation award from NPMP (under petroleum ministry of India) in 2000. In 1996, he developed another technology, “Simultaneous de-oiling & de-waxing in a single unit to produce quality Base oil & Micro-crystalline Wax at the same time” with the objective of integration and energy savings which got commercially implemented in 2002. He has authored two books, viz., “Safety in Petroleum Industries” published by CRC Press and distributed by Taylor & Francis, and “Petroleum Refineries-A Troubleshooting Guide” published by Jenny Stanford Publishing and distributed by Taylor & Francis. He has a number of research publications in national and international journals. He served petroleum refineries for about 35 years starting from his career up to senior position heading refinery operation, maintenance, safety and training. He also served chemical and petrochemical industries in senior position after long stint in refinery sector. He worked as an expert panel member from Centre for High Technologies (CHT) on behalf of Petroleum Ministry for audit of benchmarking performance of Indian refineries.