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1st Edition

Luminescent Nanomaterials

ISBN 9789814968119
Published May 19, 2022 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
508 Pages 54 Color & 113 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In recent decades, luminescent nanomaterials have generated great interest in the scientific community due to their unique properties, which are different from those of their bulk counterparts, and their use in a wide variety of applications. Today, luminescent nanomaterials are used in a number of applications such as displays, solid-state lighting, solar cells, long afterglow, dosimetry, theft prevention, medical imaging, phototherapy, and quantum and gas sensing. This book presents cutting-edge research from experts in the field of synthesis and characterization of luminescent nanomaterials and their potential applications. It covers interesting topics in semiconductor physics, photochemistry, physical chemistry, materials science, and luminescence, and will be useful for beginners and advanced researchers interested in this field.

Table of Contents

1. Luminescent Diamond: A Platform for Next Generation Nanoscale Optically Driven Quantum Sensors
Nicholas Nunn, Alexander I. Shames, Marco Torelli, Alex I. Smirnov, and Olga Shenderova
2. TL, OSL, and PL Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals
Alvaro de Farias Soares, Sonia Hatsue Tatumi, and Lilia Coronato Courrol
3. Lanthanide Luminescence Enhancement in Nanostructures by Coordination Chemistry
Miki Hasegawa
4. Correlating Luminescence Characteristics to Gas-Sensing Performance of Metal Oxides Based Heterostructures
Katekani Shingange and Gugu H. Mhlongo
5. Metal Nanoparticle Enhanced Upconversion of Lanthanide Ions
R. E. Kroon
6. Luminescence Properties of Zinc Silicate Nanophosphors for Lighting Display and Dosimetry Applications
P. S. Mbule
7. Luminescent Materials as Spectral Converters for Enhancing Solar Cells’ Efficiency
M. Y. A. Yagoub, H. C. Swart, and E. Coetsee
8. Enhanced UVB Photoluminescence Intensity of Calcium Phosphate Co-doped with Gadolinium and
Praseodymium for Phototherapy Applications
P. P. Mokoena
9. The Luminescence Dynamics of Up- and Downconverting Rare Earth Ions Doped in ZnTiO3 Nanoparticles
S. J. Mofokeng, F.V. Molefe, L. L. Noto, and M. S. Dhlamini
10. Luminescent Nanomaterials: A Step Towards Solid-State Lighting and Display
Mohan Lal Meena, Sudipta Som, Chung-Hsin Lu, Somrita Dutta, Rajan Kumar Singh, and Shawn D. Lin
11. TL/OSL Properties of Calcium Oxide Nanophosphor
K. R. Nagabhushana, Sonia Hatsue Tatumi, and D. Prakash
12. Photon Conversion in Perovskite Solar Cells
Vinod Kumar, Leta Tesfaye Jule, and Krishnaraj Ramaswamy
13. Structural and Optical Probe into Rare Earth Doped ZnO for Spectral Conversion in Solar Cells
Francis Otieno, Mildred Airo, Rudolph M. Erasmus, Caren Billing, Alex Quandt, Daniel Wamwangi,
and David G. Billing

14. The Analysis of Collocated Glow-Peaks in the Thermoluminescence of Superluminous Phosphors
Makaiko Chithambo
15. Tunable Luminescence from Dy3+ and Pr3+ Doped Mixed Rare-Earth Oxyorthosilicate Phosphors
Simon N. Ogugua, Robin E. Kroon, and Hendrik C. Swart

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Odireleng Martin Ntwaeaborwa is a professor of physics at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He received his PhD from the University of the Free State, South Africa, in 2006. He has served the South African Nanotechnology Initiative (SANi) in many capacities, including being its president in 2012–2016. He was a deputy dean of the Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program in 2012–2015 that was co-organized by the government of South Africa and the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). He was a director of the UNESCO-TWAS Centre of Excellence for the advancement of science in developing countries in 2012–2016. He has received numerous awards, including Research Excellence Award from the University of the Free State, Young Investigator Award from the South African National Science and Technology Forum, and Young Investigator Award from the American Vacuum Society. He has published more than 260 articles, over 100 conference proceedings, and 7 book chapters. His research interests are surface science, powders and thin films of optoelectronics nanomaterials applied to displays, solid-state lighting, solar cells, and gas sensors.