1st Edition

Luxury Marketing, Sustainability and Technology The Future of Luxury Management

Edited By Park Thaichon, Sara Quach Copyright 2023
    206 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Luxury Marketing, Sustainability and Technology explores how new technologies, sustainability, and relationship marketing impact and change the future of luxury brand management. Whilst the luxury industry is experiencing exponential growth, further research is vital to improve knowledge and understand how luxury management operates in the new age of marketing.

    Through a range of empirical and theoretical contributions, this book offers clear insights into relationship marketing and luxury management. It examines the growth of luxury, marketing strategies for luxury brands, advertising and communication of luxury brands, AI and disruptive technology in luxury marketing, and sustainability and pro-environmental luxury. All the chapters close with practical summaries and recommendations for businesses practice.

    This book is a useful reference for scholars and postgraduate researchers across luxury management and marketing, including those interested in international marketing, social media marketing, and fashion management, as well as innovation management and sustainability.

    1. Luxury Marketing and Sustainability in the South Asian Context

    Nirma Sadamali Jayawardena, Sara Quach, Charitha Harshani Perera, Park Thaichon, and Narayanage Jayantha Dewasiri

    2. Digital Technologies in Luxury Industry: Identifying the Future Aspects of Luxury Brand Management

    Md. Abdul Alim, Park Thaichon, Sara Quach, Scott Weaven, and Tusher Ghosh

    3. Ethical and sustainability issues of artificial intelligence (AI) in the luxury industry

    Lars-Erik Casper Ferm, Sara Shawky, Park Thaichon, and Sara Quach

    4. Luxury brands and pro-environmental behaviour through commitment: the (un)awareness perspective

    Nadezhda Lisichkova and Cecilia Lindh

    5. Attention toward Sustainability in Premium Food Packaging: An Eye Tracking Study on Red Meat

    Reyhane Hooshmand, Billy Sung, Joo Hee Kim, and Felix Septianto

    6. Exploring the role of sustainable organic food consumption and the role of organic food as a luxury product: A case study in Nepal

    Udgam Mishra, Nirma Sadamali Jayawardena, and Park Thaichon

    7. Assessing the impact of Sustainability News clips on fast-fashion brands purchase intention: A neuromarketing study

    Nicolas Hamelin and Monica Chaudhary

    8. The present and future of the luxury-sustainability paradox

    Kevin Teah, Isaac Cheah, and Anwar Sadat Shimul

    9. Localized luxury and luxury marketing: Meaning makings of Chinese luxury brand

    Ting Jin, Wei Shao, and Park Thaichon

    10. Luxury marketing within a Chinese consumers’ perspective: Local versus global luxury brand consumption

    Ting Jin, Wei Shao, and Park Thaichon


    Park Thaichon is the Australian most published author (marketing) by SciVal Scholarly Output in Australia over the period 2017 to >2022 and 2019 to >2022. Park’s research, teaching, and consulting focus are on digital marketing, technology, relationship marketing, and consumer behaviour. He is open to research collaboration, consulting projects, and commercial research. He has been working with organizations such as Australia-ASEAN Council, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), AGL Energy Ltd, True Corporation Ltd, Nhon Trach New Industry City Ltd, among others.

    Sara Quach has been recognized as the Rising Star in the Marketing Discipline 2020 by The Australian. Sara has published over 40 A-ranked journal articles since 2015 (ABDC). Her research has been published in leading marketing journals including but not limited to the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Industrial Marketing Management, the European Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, the Journal of Strategic Marketing, and Marketing Intelligence and Planning.