1st Edition

Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats

By Wallace B. Morrison Copyright 2004
    134 Pages
    by Teton NewMedia

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    This guide for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas in dogs and cats is organized into two parts: noncutaneous and cutaneous lymphomas. Assisting the practitioner in identifying lymphomas that can be treated and defining the outcome that can be expected, the practical guide includes detailed discussion about the assessment methods used to help diagnosis lymphomas. These include histological classification, immunophenotyping, AgNOR assessment, and clinical laboratory findings, as well as how these results determine the method of treatment. Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats contains detailed instruction for the use of standard chemotherapeutic protocols and radiation therapy along with different treatment options such as rescue and nutritional therapy. Tables summarize recommended diagnostic work-ups, clinical staging and recommended treatment protocols, while 25 color photos and 20 charts make it an exceptional quick reference source that every clinician should have on hand.

    Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by CRC Press outside of North America.

    PART 1) Non-Cutaneous Lymphoma in the
    Dog and Cat
    Incidence and Prevalence
    Histologic Classification
    AgNOR Assessment
    Clinical Features
    Clinical Laboratory Findings
    Paraneoplastic Syndromes
    Diagnosing and Staging
    Evaluating Treatment Protocols For Lymphoma
    Chemotherapy Options For Treatment
    Potential Complications Of Chemotherapy
    Other Treatment Options Worth Considering
    Chemotherapy Combined With Radiation Therapy
    Nutritional Therapy
    Rescue Therapy
    PART 2) Cutaneous Lymphoma in the Dog and Cat
    Clinical Features
    Diagnosis and Staging
    Treatment and Prognosis


    Wallace B. Morrison