'Increasingly, doctors are seeing the value of learning the language of management. A number of doctors have learnt the language and skills by gaining a formal qualification such as an MBA. Many more have followed an experiential route. This book is for doctors who see the value that an education in management can bring, whether formal or informal. The ultimate reason for doctors to be ambitious and to gain a management education is not for personal gain or for more letters after their name, but for the prize of better, safer healthcare for patients.' - From the Foreword by Sir Liam Donaldson This book encourages medics preparing for management roles to think about management and business as applied to healthcare, providing key insights on the skills involved and information for those who decide to study for an MBA. It informs health professionals on how they can improve the quality of healthcare through an understanding of business and management, including key areas such as understanding and managing accounts, marketing, and influencing and managing change. Healthcare professionals undertaking - or considering undertaking - MBAs or related management qualifications such as leadership fellowships will find this invaluable reading, as will consultants who are increasingly expected to be aware of and manage budgets for services. Undergraduate and practising doctors researching the options and roles available in medical management will also find this a vital source of information.

    Section 1: From good to great. Section 2: How to do an MBA? Section 3: Climbing the MBA Mountain. Section 4: Flying with an MBA.


    Emma Stanton (Author) , Claire Lemer (Author), respectively Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust; Specialist Registrar in Paediatrics, London.