1st Edition

MRCS Picture Questions Bk. 1

By Tjun Tang, B V Praveen Copyright 2006

    This book is an in-depth and practical guide to the problems alcohol can cause and the professional interventions that can help. It covers the impact of alcohol on various types of individuals and in various circumstances. It explores a variety of perspectives as well as physical spiritual social and legal issues. The book outlines the range of problems shows how they can be identified and examines appropriate approaches from different professional groups. A group of renowned international contributors has written Alcohol Use in a clear style to ensure the book is accessible and easy to use. It makes full use of case studies charts and self-assessment tools and a to learn more section points the reader to advanced forms of study. It is an essential resource for professionals working in this area and those considering entering it. 'The need to disseminate findings and the challenge to provide clear and relevant resources has been successfully met by this book. It allows the impact of alcohol use at various points along the life span as well as a variety of treatment and therapeutic options. In addition multiple learning devices such as interactive exercises self-assessment tools and case studies enhance the engagement of the reader. The author's provide the reader with a variety of national perspetives address such diverse and important areas as transcultural workplace and community issues. Healthcare professionals everywhere should feel encouraged by this book and the promise it offers for informed and effective care.' Olga Maranjian Church in the Foreword

    Lumps and bumps. Upper GI and hepatobiliary. Vascular. Head and neck. Neurosurgery.


    Tjun Tang, B.V. Parveen