1st Edition

MRS of the Brain and Neurological Disorders

    MRS of the Brain and Neurological Disorders illustrates and demonstrates the usefulness of magnetic resonance spectroscopy for the diagnosis of brain and neurological disorders, including epilepsy, nervous disorders, psychiatric disorders, and brain tumors.
    The book is unique in that it contains 87 case studies of neurologic and psychiatric diso

    Background and Principles. Basic Principles of MRS. Understanding of the Spectrum. MRS of Healthy Individuals. Brain Tumors. Cerebral Infarction. Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) and Moya Moya Disease. Cerebral Hemorrhage. MRS of Dementia. Nervous Disorders. Epilepsy. Psychiatric Disorders.


    Akihiro Igata, Tetsuhiko Asakura, Toshiro Fujimoto