1st Edition

Machiavelli in Northeast Asia

Edited By Jun-Hyeok Kwak Copyright 2022
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Analyzing the multifaceted receptions of Machiavelli from early modernity to the present history of Northeast Asia, this book explores a better East-West dialogue through which Machiavelli’s political philosophy can be appropriated properly in Northeast Asian practices.

    First, comparing the receptions of Machiavelli in Europe with the early introduction of his texts in Northeast Asia, it investigates what has been missing from the reception of his ideas in Northeast Asia. Second, examining the imperative issues which haven’t been construed appropriately even in recent reinterpretations of Machiavelli’s political philosophy in Northeast Asia, it searches for a direction of East-West dialogue through which Machiavelli’s political philosophy is not inordinately contextualized within the sociopolitical demands of Northeast Asian societies in accordance with time and place. Third, given the continuing interest in Machiavelli’s political realism, it examines the different conjunctions of his political realism with diverse traditional and contemporary political thinking in Northeast Asia.

    This book will be attractive to scholars in political philosophy, history, political theory, comparative philosophy, and area studies focused on East Asia, as well as scholars working in the field of comparative literature.

    Part I: General Overview

    Chapter 1: Introduction: Machiavelli and Northeast Asia

    Jun-Hyeok KWAK

    Part II: Three Imperative Issues in Northeast Asia

    Chapter 2: Machiavelli’s Republicanism

    Nathan TARCOV

    Chapter 3: Aristotle, Machiavelli, and Prudential Political Realism

    LIU Wei

    Chapter 4: The Book of Lord Shang Compared with Machiavelli and Hobbes

    Markus FISCHER

    Part III: Receptions of Machiavelli, West and East

    Chapter 5: Machiavelli’s Fortune Lines of Reception of his Works in Europe

    Giovanni GIORGINI

    Chapter 6: The Introduction of Machiavelli’s Works and Thoughts into China

    LIU Xunlian, LIU Xuehao and CAO Qin

    Chapter 7- Machiavelli and the Intellectuals of Modern Japan

    Koichiro MATSUDA

    Part IV: Reinterpreting Machiavelli in the Northeast Asian Context

    Chapter 8: Machiavelli and Han Fei Zi – A Comparison

    Gabriella STANCHINA and Tongdong BAI

    Chapter 9: The Prince between Confucianism and Machiavellianism: Inoue Kowashi on Statecraft and Political Morality

    Takashi KIBE

    Chapter 10: "Seek Harmony but not Uniformity"—Machiavelli’s Political Thought in the Chinese Context

    Demin DUAN


    Jun-Hyeok Kwak is Professor of Philosophy (Zhuhai) at Sun Yat-sen University, China.