Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications : Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications (MMSE 2016), Wuhan, China, October 26-29 2016 book cover
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Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications (MMSE 2016), Wuhan, China, October 26-29 2016

ISBN 9781138029576
Published March 14, 2017 by CRC Press
608 Pages

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Book Description

This conference proceeding contains papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications (MMSE 2016), held 28-30 October, 2016 in Wuhan, China.

The conference proceeding contributions cover a large number of topics, both theoretical and applied, including Material science, Electrical Engineering and Automation Control, Electronic Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Science and Technology, Computer Science and Information technology and other related engineering topics. MMSE provides a perfect platform for scientists and engineering researchers to exchange ideas, build cooperative relationships and discuss the latest scientific achievements.

MMSE will be of interest for academics and professionals working in a wide range of industrial, governmental and academic sectors, including Material Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Energy Production, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Transportation and Aerospace Science and Technology.

Table of Contents

Material science and advanced materials

A PEG-400-etherified 2D resin improves the water absorption property and thermal stability of silk fibres
H. Ding, Y. He, Y.K. Jiang, Y.Q. Wu & X.X. Yang

Selective formation of AlPO4-21 and AlPO4-12 molecular sieves by microwave technique
P.M. Chang

Parameter optimization of forming limited diagram based on virtual material method
Q. Yu, J. Liang & L.-W. Tian

Effects of CaTiO3 addition on the microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of α-CaSiO3-SiO2 ceramics
W. Hu, C.X. Yin, H.T. Sui, W.X. Shi, H.J. Sun & S.F. Huang

Research on the biomimetic materials with highly oriented animal bone microstructures
Y.W. Yuan, J. Yu & L.M. Yan

The damage variable and tensile properties of T2 pure copper with plastic strain
L. Li & Z.M. Shi

Electrical engineering and automation control

The network control technology of the shipbuilding gantry crane based on PLCs
F. Zhu, M. Zhou, J.H. Huang & J.H. Huang

Development of a certain detecting device for a NCB proofing system based on an ADS7825 converter
D.B. Zhang, C.A. Qiao, Y. Liu, W.Q. Huang & X.Y. Li

A classification recognition method based on an improved kernel function support vector machine
W.W. Xiong, W. Liang & M.X. Su

Application of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation in fault diagnosis of plunger pump
C. Wu, D. Wu, X.Y. Mao, H.Y. Ding, J.H. Hu & Y.O. Liu

A study on the time–space characteristics of soil resistivity of substations in China
X. Xu, X. Liu, S. Wang, Z.Z. Li, G. Liu & Z. Wang

Identification of rotary kiln cylinder bending by using wavelet and fourier transforms
L. Qin, Y. Zhang & Q. Peng

Electrical device fault diagnosis system of a specific device
D.B. Zhang, Y. Liu, C.A. Qiao & W.Q. Huang

The optimization of wind power interval forecast
X.D. Yu & H.Z. Zang

A diagnosis method for motor bearing faults based on harmonic injection
B. Feng, C.D. Qiu, C.Q. Xu & X.B. Wu

Restoring force characteristic for motor bearing fault based on dynamic analysis
R. Guo, C.D. Qiu, X.B. Wu & C.Q. Xu

A design of the totem pole output circuit for current mode PWM controllers
D. Zhao

Adaptive PD controllers for large cargo ships
L.L. Wan

Research on a new algorithm for the robot tracking problem
Y.F. Liu, T.M. Zhang, J.J. Yang & Q. Tian

A study on the engine bench test system based on virtual instruments
Z. Zhang, J.M. Yang, Y.F. Zhang & R.B. Zhou

Study on path planning of emergency rescue low altitude aircraft
L.-L. Wan & W.-P. Zhou

Research on a real-time X-ray imaging detector for fuse safety
D.B. Zhang, C.A. Qiao, Y. Liu & W.Q. Huang

Modeling and analysis of active heave compensation control in marine cranes
F. Zhu & J.H. Huang

Identifying the metal magnetic memory signal feature for stress concentration zone
J. Zhang & S.Z. Zhu

Command-filtered backstepping stabilization of nonlinear systems with quantized input
X. Yu & P. Zhuang

Application of genetic algorithm-support vector regression for estimating modal damping
Z.W. Xia, X.T. Wang, K.J. Mao, G.S. Shao, H.Y. Ren & Y.Y. Fang

Full-waveform current differential protection based on optical current transformers
K. Yue, G.-Q. Zhang, C. Yang, Z.-Q. Liu & D. Yin

Numerical calculation of the infinite element method in an inhomogeneous medium
Y.Q. Dun, Y. Kong & Y.L. Wang

Research on the simulation of the PUMA 560 robot based on Matlab
Z.Y. Wei, C.H. Zhu & Z. Yang

A scheme on the force and motion control of manipulator robots based on a neural network
W. Fang, Z. Yang & Z.Y. Wei

A method of vehicle counting based on interframe difference method
X.W. Han & D.H. Xu

Electronic engineering

Research on a low-cost ultra-wideband frequency measurement circuit design
Q. Li, Z. Wang, J.L. Wang & J.Y. Li

Earphone antenna for handheld digital audio broadcasting receivers
H.S. Zhang, G.Y. Wang, M.Y. Lu & R.Y. Zhu

Applied mechanics

Validation studies of passive control for flexible wing gust alleviation
Z.G. Chen, Y.J. Yan, W. Han & H.F. Li

A modeling method of the bolted joint structure and analysis of its stiffness characteristics
G.Q. Jiang, J.W. Li & G.J. Tang

An experimental study on the propulsive performance of a bionic dolphin tail fin
C. Ma, L. Sun, C.-X. Bian, C.-K. Ding & X.-Y. Shen

A study on the lubrication performance of end faces with diamond macro-pores
X.P. Cheng, L.P. Kang, Y.L. Zhang, B.L. Yu, X.K. Meng & X.D. Peng

A study on the performance of self-adaptive mechanical seals under variable working conditions
X.P. Cheng, Y.L. Zhang, L.P. Kang & B.L. Yu

Bolt connection simulation based on MSC NASTRAN
B.L. Chen & Z.Q. Xie

Mechanical engineering

A new design on drive trains for light weight robotic arms
H.B. Yin, M.C. He, S.S. Huang & J.F. Li

A study on vibration responses of mechanical systems with an impact on clearance joints
Z.F. Bai, X. Shi, J.J. Zhao & J. Chen

A reconfigurable multi-spindle box for holes machining
Y.Q. Wang & G.P. Zhang

Large deformation structure analysis of complex telescopic boom system for engineering machinery
L. Xu, X.D. Xu, Z.J. Tian & C.J. Jin

Master–slave control of variable parameters of a vehicle hydraulic system support
H. Lu, L.C. Shi, Q.Y. Wei, E.D. Mao & P.L. Li

Experimental study on the vibration tapping of a titanium alloy
J.Z. Zhang, Y.X. Hu, P. Liu & Z.P. Tian

Research on the optimization of the numerical control machine in engraving
X.-Y. Liang, J. Zheng & S. Wang

UHV breaker hydraulic line dynamic characteristics simulation analysis
X.H. Zhang

The design of the truss-type floating raft system and study of its vibration isolation characteristics
Y.Y. Fang, Y.Y. Zuo, K.J. Mao & Z.W. Xia

Research on the dual-driving synchronous control of the gantry machine
W. Fan, H. Lu, Y.Q. Zhang, H. Ling, Y.X. Niu & M. Duan

Aerospace science and technology

The research of reliability of D subminiature connectors coupling in assembly and integration process of spacecraft
W. Zhang, Y.G. Liu, Y.E. Wei, D.M. Wang & J. Wang


Navigation of autonomous ground vehicles in cluttered and unknown environment
L.W. Zhang & L.J. Zhang

The design of a multiple hydraulic components test stand system based on mixed field bus technology
J.G. Yi & S.W. Ju

Computer science and information technology

Research on interface circuits and calibration algorithms for resistive touch screens
C.L. Tan, H.D. Lei & Y.T. Ye

Weights information analysis of readers’ needs in the university library
C.J. Xu

Design of portable maintenance aids based on the signal test and IETM
X. Zhou & H.-Y. Zhao

A solution of information integration and service sharing in aerospace TT&C systems
F. Guan

Exploitation and realization of 3D virtual scene based on DirectX 11 technology
Q. Yuan & H. Zhang

A target detection algorithm based on dynamic background compensation
L.M. Ye & Y. Zhu

Graphics, visual and image analysis

An extension of the quartic Wang–Ball closed curves with a given tangent polygon
C.W. Wang & H. Chen

3D reconstruction and measurement using Kinect
Y. Zhao & E. Wei

Monitoring and communications

A laboratory environment monitoring system based on ZigBee
Y.T. Ye

Research on the improved method of the ICI cancellation algorithm based on MMSE criteria
T.F. Liu, X.Y. Song, X.P. Ma, H.H. Dong & L.M. Jia


A study of an online dynamic workload prediction algorithm in the cloud environment
Y.Q. Wang & C.X. Fan

Text information extraction using a cluster-based hidden Markov model
Y.Y. Wang, X.D. Lv & Q. Hu

An intensive study and experiment on the characteristics of NSGA-II
Q. Yuan & H. Zhang

A model of security policies on cloud computing
C. Luo

Signal processing

Effects of rain noise from metal roofs on speech identification
Y. Chen & X. Li

Design and implementation of an ECG signal generator based on STM32
Z.J. Meng, S.Y. Huan & Y.T. Ji

Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Aquifer water yield capacity evaluation using fuzzy evaluation-comprehensive weighting method
K. Xu & Z. Wei

Applied electrochemistry and analytical chemistry

The influence of Al foil current collectors on electrochemical properties of LiFePO4-based Li-ion batteries
J.C. Wang, W. He, X.D. Zhang, Y.K. Hou, Z.L. Zhang & H. Guo

Determination of imidacloprid, carbendazim and acetamiprid residues in dried longans by using HPLC
L. Lin, M.Y. Wang, L.L. Liu & C.L. Yang

Determination of mycotoxin contaminants in juice by using LC-MS/MS
Y.B. Zha, C.L. Yang, J.Z. Ye, X.F. Wang, L. Lin, S.D. Zeng, Y.Q. Huang & Y.P. Su


Evaluation of groundwater quality in water source areas of a mining area by using the Nemero index method
W.C. Wang, J.W. Zhao, P. Fu, B.S. Liang & Y. Chen

Modern industrial technology

Application of 3D printing technology in architect digital construction
Y.Y. Guo & J. Zhang

An analysis of the influential factors of the choice of the pattern of ordering cars online based on ISM and AHP
X. Sun, H.H. Dong, A.L. Huang, Y.F. Yang, Y. Qin & L.M. Jia

A study on development strategies of China’s manufacturing service
L. Wang

Study on the application of “3D printing” in interior decoration
Y. Li

Study on the technical applications of museum interactive display from spectators’ behavioral experience perspectives—an example from Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
J. Zhang & Y.Y. Guo

Research on the selection problem of back-up suppliers in the crisis of supply chain disruption
Z.H. Zhang & Q.L. Gao

A study on the state of the art and effective implementation of MOOC based on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure
R. Xu & Q.L. Zhan

Power system and its automation

Simulation and experimental study of the three-phase three-legged transformer under DC bias
D. Xia

Microgrid energy management system and intelligent control technology
H.X. Wu

Optimizing battery capacity configuration for a photovoltaic micro-grid system
B.L. Ouyang, Z. Li, Y.Q. Wang, L. Wang, Y.Y. Sun & Y. Ma

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Dr. Qiang Xu works at the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddersfield, UK. Dr Xu’s research concerns mainly creep damage mechanics. In 1996 he worked on EPSRC and DTI funded projects at UMIST.

Dr. Guangde Zhang is Dean of the department of Automobile and Traffic Engineering at Wuhan University of Science and Technology. His research is focused on the themes of engine principle, auto emissions and noise control, modern automotive engineering and engineering thermodynamics.