1st Edition

Macro-Social Marketing Insights Systems Thinking for Wicked Problems

Edited By Ann-Marie Kennedy Copyright 2020
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Macro-social marketing is an approach to solving wicked problems. Wicked problems include obesity, environmental degradation, smoking cessation, fast fashion, gambling, and drug and alcohol abuse. As such, wicked problems are those problems that are so complex and multifaceted, it is difficult to define the exact problem, its contributing factors, and paths to a solution. Increasingly, governments, NGOs, and community groups are seeking to solve these types of problems. In doing so, the issues with pursuing macro-level change are beginning to emerge. Issues stem from the interconnected nature of stakeholders involved with a wicked problem—where one change may create a negative ripple effect of both intended and unintended consequences.

    Macro-social marketing, then, provides a holistic and systemic approach to both studying and solving wicked problems. Within the chapters of this book, macro-social marketing approaches to analysing and defining wicked problems, to identifying stakeholders and potential ripple effects, and to implementing macro-level change are presented. In this emerging area of academia, the theories, models, and approaches outlined in this book are cutting edge and provide a critical approach from top researchers in the area. Both practical and theoretical aspects are presented as well as caveats on such societal and/or country-wide change. A must-have for social marketing academics and those interested in macro-level change at a practical or theoretical level.

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    1. Macro-Social Marketing Overview

    Ann-Marie Kennedy

    2. Systems and Macro-social marketing: Researching Wicked Problems

    Ben Wooliscroft

    3. Macro social marketing as a tool to increase the share of renewable energy in developing island nations

    Sommer Kapitan

    4. Using the Socio-Ecological Model as an Holistic Approach to Behavioural Change

    Ekant Veer, Maja Golf-Papez, and Kseniia Zahrai

    5. The power of ‘talk’: Frames and narratives in macro-social marketing

    Joya A. Kemper and Paul W. Ballantine

    6. Macro-level Interventions in Systems of Wicked Consumption

    Davide C. Orazi, Matthias Koch, and Srishti Varma

    7. Macro-Social Marketing and the Complexity of Value Co-Creation

    Christine Domegan and Patricia McHugh

    8. Social Marketing’s contribution to macro social policy and economics, beyond up-stream, mid-stream and down-stream analysis.

    Jeff French

    9. Co-Creating Social Change Using Human Centered Design

    Anne Hamby, Meghan Pierce, and Kim Daniloski

    10. Collaborative Systems Thinking for Social Change

    Josephine Previte and Liam Pomfret

    11. Ethical Dimensions of Social Marketing and Social Change

    Lynne Eagle, Stephan Dahl and David Low

    12. Social Engineering and Social Marketing

    Natalia Szablewska and Krzysztof Kubacki

    13. Warmth rationing as a macro-social problem: The application of the chrematistics framework

    Djavlonbek Kadirov

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    Ann-Marie Kennedy is a senior lecturer in marketing at the University of Canterbury. She specialises in macro-social marketing and sustainability.