1st Edition

Macroeconomic Dimensions of Public Finance Essays in Honour of Vito Tanzi

Edited By Mario Blejer, Teresa Ter-Minassian Copyright 1997

    There is no magic formula for balancing fiscal policy and economic performance. As a scholar and policy advisor, Vito Tanzi has made a major contribution to identifying links between public finance and macro and microeconomic consequences. His findings bear relevance in both developing and industrialized economies. The essays in this volume and its companion, Fiscal Policy and Economic Reform, highlight many of these interconnected issues, for instance:
    * the interaction between budgetary policy and economic aggregates, such as employment, inflation and growth
    * the implication of economic linkages for designing fiscal policies
    * expenditure policies and alternative deficit financing strategies
    * the trade-offs between macro- and microeconomic objectives
    The list of contributors includes Max Corden, John Makin, Ronald McKinnon and Richard Musgrave.

    List of figures, List of tables, List of contributors, Preface: Vito Tanzi—The Economist and the Man, 1 INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW: PUBLIC FINANCE, Part I Macroeconomic aspects of budgetary policies, Part II Fiscal federalism, Part III Macroeconomic aspects of fiscal policy in the open economy, Part IV Expenditure policies, Part VI Fiscal policy and the macroeconomy: country studies, Part VII List of selected publications of Vito Tanzi, SELECTED PUBLICATIONS BY VITO TANZI, Index 482


    Mario Blejer, Teresa Ter-Minassian