8th Edition

Macroeconomic Issues Today Alternative Approaches

    Now revised and updated to reflect critical changes in economic policy since the last edition, Macroeconomic Issues Today, Eighth Edition, provides Conservative, Liberal, and Radical interpretations and solutions for seven current macroeconomic issues, including all-new coverage of the Social Security debate. An instructor's manual with a test bank and discussion questions is available to professors who adopt the text, and PowerPoint downloads are available as teaching aids.

    List of Figures and Tables; Preface; Part 1. Introduction; Alternative Economic Philosophies: A Survey of Conservative, Liberal, and Radical Critiques; Part 2. Problems of Aggregate Economic Policy; Issue 1. Macroeconomic Instability: Are We Depression-Proof? Issue 2. Economic Growth and Stability: Can We Maintain High and Steady Rates of Economic Growth? Issue 3. Balancing the Federal Budget: Should We Be Worried About the Rising Federal Deficit? Issue 4. Unemployment: Is Joblessness an Overrated Problem? Issue 5. Inflation: Can Price Pressures Be Kept Under Control? Issue 6. The New Population Problem: Can We Save Our Social Security System? Issue 7. International Economics: Where Does America Fit into the New World Order? Part 3. Conclusion; Reprise: The Market Versus Planning and Controls: Which Strategy Works Better? Final Thoughts and Suggested Readings


    Carson, Robert B.; Thomas, Wade L.; Hecht, Jason