1st Edition

Macroeconomic Policy

By Alan Marin Copyright 1992

    Macroeconomic Policy examines the central tenets of both Keynesian and Monetarist schools. It begins by examining the aims of macroeconomic policy: low unemployment, low inflation, high levels of output and high rates of growth. In practice these goals interact and policies which promote one are often detrimental to another. As well as examining how the different schools manage the trade-off between goals, the book also considers their distinctive attitude to markets, how they manage concepts of the short and long run and their different notions of uncertainty.

    Chapter 1 What Needs Explaining?; Chapter 2 The Keynesian View of Unemployment; Chapter 3 Deficiencies in the Keynesian Explanation and Policy Proposals; Chapter 4 Demand Management and Inflation; Chapter 5 Foresight, Rationality and The Effectiveness of Policy; Chapter 6 International Links; Chapter 7 Why Unemployment Has Increased;


    Marin, Alan