1st Edition

Macroeconomic Principles and Problems A Pluralist Introduction

By Geoffrey Schneider Copyright 2023
    586 Pages 134 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    586 Pages 134 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Macroeconomic Principles and Problems: A Pluralist Introduction offers a comprehensive overview of the major topics in modern macroeconomics, from mainstream and heterodox perspectives.

    This textbook examines the key macroeconomic problems and policy debates facing contemporary society, including economic crises, sustainability, fiscal and monetary policy, government debt, state-led vs. market-led approaches for growth, and unregulated trade vs. protectionism.

    Written in an engaging style and focused on real-world examples, this textbook brings macroeconomics to life. Multiple examples of how each economic model works, coupled with critical analysis of the assumptions behind them, enable students to develop a sophisticated understanding of the material. Digital supplements are also available for students and instructors.

    Macroeconomic Principles and Problems offers the most contemporary and complete package for any pluralist macroeconomics principles class.

    1. Introduction

    Part I: Globalization, Trade and International Policy Issues

    2. International Trade, Globalization and Trade Policy

    3. Exchange Rates and International Finance

    Part II: Macroeconomic Issues and Problems

    4. Modern Macroeconomics

    5. Measuring and Describing the Macroeconomy

    6. Macroeconomic Market Failures: Unemployment and Inflation

    Part III: The Business Cycle and Short-Run Macroeconomic Analysis

    7. The Short-Run Keynesian Model

    8. Keynesian Aggregate Expenditure-Income Model in Detail

    9. Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Macroeconomic Policy

    Part IV: Stabilization Policy

    10. Fiscal Policy, Debt and Deficits

    11. The Financial Sector

    12. Monetary Policy, Inflation and Deflation

    13. Financial Crises. The Great Depression and the Great Recession

    Part V: Long Run Analysis and Economic Growth

    14. The Sources of Economic Growth

    15. Policy Debates over Long Run Macroeconomic Issues

    Part VI: Macroeconomics in an Interconnected World

    16. Open Economy Macroeconomics

    17. Modern Developed and Newly Industrialized Economies

    18. Developing Economies


    Geoffrey Schneider is Presidential Professor of Economics at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He is an award-winning teacher, author or co-author of seven books and numerous scholarly articles, and executive director of the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics.