1st Edition

Madkind The Origin and Development of the Mind

By Charles Berg Copyright 1962
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1962, the original blurb reads: ‘This provocative book explores the whole range of human thought conduct and beliefs. Commencing with primitive man and his superstitions it goes on to study our present-day cultural institutions, customs, ritual and other behaviour upon which we pride ourselves. All of these are shown to have identical primitive mechanisms and to be subjectively determined without reference to scientific knowledge. These delusions are shown to be mostly undesirable and harmful and the author goes on to state that only objective thinking, scientifically based, can lead to any ultimate good.

    The later chapters contain an aetiological study of the mind. The author states "If we can consider the human mind in the light of its origin and development we may better appreciate its basic nature and its inevitable limitations".

    The subject matter is amply illustrated with clinical examples in Dr Berg’s usual lively style.

    This book is one which will affect all readers. None of us is immune from delusions, however much we may delude ourselves to the contrary, and the presentation of these truths will to some of us seem shocking in the extreme.’

    Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

    1. General Introduction  2. Symptomology: Delusions of Primitive Man  3. Mythology, Cosmogony and Comparative Religion  4. Current Behaviour: Libido Expressed in Social Customs  5. The Social Neurosis of Modern Man  6. Marriage  7. Growing Up  8. Education  9. Sport, Games and Social Expressions of Aggression  10. Fear  11. War  12. Politics and Punishment  13. Culture and the Psychology of Authoritarian Institutions  14. Belief in God  15. Religion, an Emotionally Determined Belief  16. ‘Treatment’ and Ego Development  17. The Mind is Primarily a Physiological Organ  18. A Modern Cosmogony  19. The Macrocosm  20. Protein Synthesis and the Origin of Life  21. The Origin of Living Forms and the Development of Nerve Tissue  22. Outline of Evolution  23. Growth and Structure of the Mind  24. Treatment, Prognosis, Untruth and Truth and the Feeling-Tone of Life.  Bibliography.  Index.


    Charles Berg (1892-1957)