1st Edition

Magnetic Resonance Procedures
Health Effects and Safety

Edited By

Frank G. Shellock

ISBN 9780849308741
Published December 21, 2000 by CRC Press
472 Pages

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Book Description

Magnetic Resonance Procedures: Health Effects and Safety is the first authoritative text on MR procedures and its associated health and safety concerns written by noted radiologists, physicists, and scientists with expertise in the field. It contains both theoretical and practical information.

This timely text discusses emergent issues related to MR imaging and concerns such as shielding, the safe use of contrast agents, and management of patients with claustrophobia, anxiety, and emotional stress. It also contains a sample pre-MR screening form; comprehensive safety information for over 700 implants, devices, and materials; a list of medical devices and products for interventional MR procedures; and a summary of peer-reviewed MR safety studies.

In the wake of recent government demands for increased patient safety in hospitals, along with the rapidly expanding use of MRI, this book is particularly important. It is the definitive resource for information on the safety aspects of magnetic resonance procedures.

Table of Contents

William G. Bradley, Jr.
Frank G. Shellock
Health Effects and Safety of Static Magnetic Fields, J. Schenck
Health Effects and safety of Intense Gradient Fields, J.A. Nyenhuis, J.D. Bourland, A.V. Kildishev, and D.J. Schaefer
Health Effects AND SAFETY of Radiofrequency Power Deposition Associated with Magnetic Resonance Procedures, D.J. Schaefer
RADIOFREQUENCY Energy-Induced Heating During MR Procedures: Laboratory and Clinical Experiences, F.G. Shellock and D.J. Schaefer
Specific Absorption Rates and Induced Current Density Distributions for Radiofrequency and Gradient Magnetic Fields Used for MR Procedures. O.P. Gandhi
Acoustic Noise and MR Procedures, M. McJury
Safety Considerations of Siting and
Shielding for MR Systems, R.A. Bell
MR Procedures and Pregnancy, P. Colletti
FDA Guidance for MR system Safety and Patient Exposures: Current Status and Future Considerations, L. Zaremba
Claustrophobia, Anxiety, and Emotional Distress and the MR Environment, R. Gollub and F.G. Shellock
Patient Monitoring in the MR Environment, F.G. Shellock
Safety of MR Contrast Agents, V. Runge
Pre-MR Procedure Screening, A. Sawyer-Glover and F.G. Shellock
The MRI Environment and Implants, Devices, and Materials, F.G. Shellock and A. Sawyer-Glover
The List of Implants, Devices, Materials and Objects Tested in the MRI Environment, F.G. Shellock
Health Effects of Induced Electric Fields: Implications for Metallic Implants, C.D. Smith, J.A. Nyenhuis, and A.V. Kildishev
Appendix I: Medical Devices and Products Developed for Interventional, Intra-operative, and MR-Guided Procedures, F.G. Shellock
Appendix II: Summary of MR safety
Studies: 1985 TO 1999, F.G. Shellock

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"Dr. Shellock's book was a pleasure to read. He has succeeded admirably in compiling a comprehensive survey of the various potential health effects and safety issues associated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This achievement reflects Dr. Shellock's stature in the sensitive and controversial area of safety in MRI... The most compelling attribute of this book is that it contains information for absolutely every practitioner of MRI... The book is both up to date and timely."
- Investigative Radiology, vol. 36, no. 8

"Magnetic Resonance Procedures: Health Effects and Safety is an extremely useful book, combining both a reference volume and a practical, day-to-day guide for MR operations. It consolidates most of our current knowledge of MR imaging safety into one volume, and it warrants a place on the bookshelf of every MR imaging facility, especially those with teaching responsibilities."
- American Journal of Roentgenology, 177

"…both up-to-date and timely…the most compelling attribute of this book is that it contains information for absolutely every practitioner of MRI…"
-Investigative Radiology, August, 2001