1st Edition

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Diagnosis of Neurological Diseases

Edited By Else Rubaek Danielsen, Brian Ross Copyright 1999

    Demonstrates how MRS offers a useful tool for the noninvasive biochemical analysis of the brain. The book covers over 70 clinical cases and more than 100 spectra that enhance skills at interpreting MRS, including minimizing errors, highlighting artifacts, and expanding the clinical usefulness of this diagnostic modality.

    Introduction MRS; basic physics of MR; the clinical significance of metabolites; an introduction to clinical cases; clinical cases; degenerative disease - Alzheimer disease, dementia, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease; systemic diseases - liver disease, diabetes mellitus; osmolar abnormalities; trauma - SIADH, hyper-osmolar state, diffuse axonal injury, hypoxic injury; global hypoxia -vascular diseases, stroke, infarcts and non vascular focal hypoxia; focal lesions - ectopic grey matter, HIV related lesions, tumours and tuberculoma; multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory disease; paediatrics - abnormal development, Reyes syndrome, inborn errors of metabolism; xenobiotics - ethanol, propylene, glycol, mannitol; MRS patterns and referral guidelines.


    Else Rubaek Danielsen, Brian Ross

    "...The book is about the underlying merit of applying proton spectroscopy of the brain in routine clinical practice to present it in a way which is compatible with radiological culture. It provides a framework in which the doctor can appreciate the undoubted benefits of including MRS as part of clinical investigation....The atlas of case reports...providse a valuable database for anyone with an interest in proton spectroscopy of the brain. "