Magnetic Source Imaging of the Human Brain  book cover
1st Edition

Magnetic Source Imaging of the Human Brain

ISBN 9780805845129
Published June 1, 2003 by Psychology Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

This book is designed to acquaint serious students, scientists, and clinicians with magnetic source imaging (MSI)--a brain imaging technique of proven importance that promises even more important advances. The technique permits spatial resolution of neural events on a scale measured in millimeters and temporal resolution measured in milliseconds. Although widely mentioned in literature dealing with cognitive neuroscience and functional brain imaging, there is no single book describing both the foundations and actual methods of magnetoencephalopgraphy and its underlying science, neuromagnetism. This volume fills a long-standing need, as it is accessible to scientists and students having no special background in the field, and makes it possible for them to understand this literature and undertake their own research.

A self-contained unit, this book covers MSI from beginning to end, including its relationship to allied technologies, such as electroencephalography and modern functional imaging modalities. In addition, the book:
*introduces the field to the non-specialist, providing a framework for the rest of the book;
*provides a thorough review of the physiological basis of MSI;
*describes the mathematical bases of MSI--the forward and inverse problems;
*outlines new signal processing methods that extract information from single-trial MEG;
*depicts the early, as well as the most recent versions of MSI technology;
*compares MSI with other imaging methodologies;
*describes new paradigms and analysis techniques in applying MSI to study human perception and cognition, which are also applicable to EEG; and
*reviews some of the most important results in MSI from the most prominent researchers and laboratories around the world.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. L. Kaufman, Z-L. Lu, Basics of Neuromagnetism and Magnetic Source Imaging. Y. Okada, Toward Understanding the Physiological Origins of Neuromagnetic Signals. N.G. Gençer, C.E. Acar, I.O. TanzerForward Problem Solution of Magnetic Source Imaging. J-Z. Wang, L. Kaufman, Magnetic Source Imaging: Search for Inverse Solutions. M.P. Regan, D. Regan, Techniques for Investigating and Exploiting Nonlinearities in Brain Processes by Recording Responses Evoked by Sensory Stimuli. A.C. Tang, B.A. Pearlmutter, Independent Components of Magnetoencephalography: Localization and Single-Trial Response Onset Detection. J. Vrba, S.E. Robinson, A.A. Fife, Toward Noise-Immune Magnetoencephalography Instrumentation. R.T. Johnson, E.C. Hirschkoff, D.S. Buchanan, Full-Sensitivity Biomagnetometers: Sam Williamson's Vision Brought to Life. O.V. Lounasmaa, R. Hari, From 1- to 306-Channel Magnetoencephalography in 15 Years: Highlights of Neuromagnetic Brain Research in Finland. C. Del Gratta, G.L. Romani, Magnetoencephalography: From Pioneering Studies to Functional Brain Imaging. E.L. Maclin, Optical Imaging of Brain Function and the Relation Between Neuronal Activity and Hemodynamics in Health and Disease. I. Hashimoto, High-Frequency Oscillations From the Human Somatosensory Cortex: The Interneuron Hypothesis. Z-L. Lu, G. Sperling, Measuring Sensory Memory: Magnetoencephalography Habituation and Psychophysics. J.B. Vieth, H. Kober, O. Ganslandt, M. Möller, K. Kamada, Clinical Applications of Brain Magnetic Source Imaging. P. Levy, L. Kaufman, Epilogue: Samuel J. Williamson.

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"An invaluable resource on one of the most exciting new technologies for understanding the human mind and brain."
Steven Pinker
Peter de Florez Professor, MIT; author, How the Mind Works and The Blank Slate

"This volume is essential for both experts and those just learning about magnetic source imaging of the brain. Everything from the exciting history of the recent technology of such imaging, as an example of applying recent physics to neuroscience, to current clinical applications is covered. Given the wide topical coverage of the articles in the volume, it should go far toward gaining the well-deserved greater recognition magnetic source imaging should have among both neuroscientists and clinicians."
Patrick Suppes
Lucie Stern Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Stanford University